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Aug 11, 2011

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Did you ever buy Diesel Generator Sets from China?

Did you ever import diesel generator sets from China? Wuts yr confusion? If do so, pls leave yr contact info herein, let's talk more...  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #1)

China today: Counterfeits "R" Us

Just like their carrier. China is only good at 2 things: producing fake, cheap goods, and violating human rights? There are so many examples of both in the past few years that I am surprised the media gives them any attention? China ran out of good ideas 1000 years ago. What they can't steal now they just buy from Russia? Welcome to China.  (Aug 12, 2011 | post #26)

Point Pleasant, WV

Claflin Foundation issues challenge for Spirit of Our Com...

be a looker-on  (Aug 12, 2011 | post #1)

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What detail should be paid attention to when purchasing d...

Kindly remind you there are eight big traps in the transaction:  Mix up KVA and KW. Use KVA as KW power to sell to you. At fact KVA is apparent power, KW is effective power, IKVA=0.8KW&#12 290;  Never mention the difference of “Prime Power” and “Standby Power”, use the latter one as the former one to sell to you. Actually the latter one is not equal to the former one, Standby Power =1.1xPr ime Power.  The Engine and the Alternator couple with each other in a same power configuration to reduce the cost. In practice the Engine power should be set by 10% equal or bigger than the one of the Alternator because there should be mechanical loss. Remember the horsepower can’t be taken as KVA and the smaller power Engine can’t be coupled with the bigger power Alternator. Otherwise the gen sets life-span will be reduced and the maintenance will be frequent and cost you more trouble.  Be careful to check out the second-hand gen sets in refurbishment as brand-new one to sell to you, sometimes they will coupled with brand-new alternator and brand-new control panel so that you won’t find out the fact.  Only report you the brands of the Engine or Alternator without tell you the producing area and the other components brand. Such as America Cummins, Sweden Volvo, England Stamford. In fact any one diesel generator set is not possible to be solely produced by one factory. You should understand more detail of the Engine, the Alternator, the Control Panel, the ATS, and so on to evaluate the price-performance comprehensively.  Take those gen sets without Protective functions (4-function protection) as full function ones to sell to you. More worse sell you without full instrument or without circuit breaker ones. In fact any gen sets over 10KW must be equipped with full instrument (5-instruments) and air switches. Big power gen sets and Automation gen sets should be with 4 self-protective functions.  No mention the grade of the Engine and the Alternator, no mention about the after-sales service, only stress on the price and the date of delivery. More worse to mix up the marine engine, vehicle engine for land-base power station use so that the voltage and the frequency and other performance can’t be guaranteed.  No mention with the accessories, such as the muffler, fuel tank, fuel pipe, what grade battery, how much capacity, how many pieces and so on. In fact these accessories are very important, must be pointed out in the contract. More worse, few deliveries sent even without water tank and cooling fan to drive you use open pool. In a word, pay much attention to know your supplier. Some good suppliers in China are not famous in abroad market though they are very famous in national market and maybe just be OEM in your market but you don’t know them exactly. Don’t just pay attention to those cheap suppliers with “full” or “very near” after-sale service, he may sell you a cheap alternator and if it went wrong, he will replace you a new one free, but you never know it is still made in Aluminum core. More doubts or more market survey please contact us without hesitate---Shangha i Cooltech Power Co., Ltd., a leading diesel generator sets manufacturer in China.  (Aug 11, 2011 | post #1)


When will you response to a foreign supplier's mail?

hi, i am a dealer of my company, my routine job is to find a good buyer oversea to buy our good products. it is sth difficult to find a real buyer on internet though our products are very good sold in national market cuz the good price-performance ratio.  (Aug 11, 2011 | post #1)

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