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Jul 25, 2012

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Hip Replacement

New hip prostheses cause complication

One of the more recent hip implants to be recalled is the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG components of their hip implants. The Stryker hip recall was issued in July 2012, after the company received reports of serious side effects like fretting and corrosion of the hip parts, which may lead to inflammation, pain and metallosis in patients. Metallosis is a serious condition in which toxic metal ions release into the surrounding bloodstream, and may lead to hip replacement surgery. Patients who suffered from Stryker hip side effects are filing Stryker lawsuits to seek compensation for their injuries. Learn more about the Stryker hip implant problems and other hip replacement devices by visiting the information center, http://www.stryker -hip-recall-info.c om/. If youÂ’d like to speak to a Stryker lawyer to learn more about legal rights, call 877-779-1414.  (Oct 2, 2012 | post #13)