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Nov 19, 2013

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Insurance Brokers Scathing Tactics

I was contacted by Karen Fountain of Allstate Insurance in West Hills CA regarding my insurance for my business I told her that I had all of my insurance and that it was up to date. She wanted me to come out to inspect her fire place switch we set an appointment and I had to cancel due to an family emergency. She subsequently attacked my business by giving my business a 1 star and writing a scathing review all because I did not want to purchase insurance with them weird I know. Well in retrospect I should not have made an appointment with them when she asked me if when I showed up for the appointment and charged her for the service call and it only took 10 minuets to preform my job if I would clean her windows until my hourly charge had been for-filled, some people are just impossible so if you want to purchase insurance from this broker be prepared for a big surprise when you don't get the coverage you needed and paid for or you have to pay more money to get them to file a claim. Well I just think that was a dirty trick to get me to purchase my business insurance through them, Its getting bad if insurance brokers are having to resort to tactics like this.  (Nov 19, 2013 | post #1)