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Oct 30, 2007

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Q & A with Conner


Strives for Clarity


Corpus Christi, Texas


Southwest Side

Local Favorites:

Hu Dat, Jalisco IV, TGI Friday's, Chilies, Whiskey River.

I Belong To:

Founding member of "Bee County Wildlife Conservtion Association", Life Member NRA, TSRA, TSCRA and ASME.

When I'm Not on Topix:

Meeting the personal and professional responsibilities outside of entertainment.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

No particular reason to do so!

I'm Listening To:

The sound of my own wheels

Read This Book:

The Looming Tower, Crisis of Islam, The Pentagon's New Map.

Favorite Things:

Informative literature, soft comfort music, action movies, long solitary bike rides, best: some calm time with my wife and partner for life.

On My Mind:

Islamic Extreamists Adversaries, Financial and Econmic Systems, Domestic Energy, Illegal migration, and on and on.

I Believe In:

A high degree of individual freedom, equality, a government that protects these and our nation.