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Feb 28, 2013

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Why Should Jesus Love Me?

THE PARENT CAFE Parent-Led Effort to Keep Families Profound change starts with meaningful conversation. Across South Carolina, parents are engaging in lively, real conversations to keep their families strong. These conversations are called Parent Cafés, and they are transforming parenting education and efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect. Parent Cafés are driven by the knowledge that parents can, must, and do tap into their wisdom and resources in order to strengthen their own families. Parent Cafés take place at early childhood centers and other friendly environments. Guided by trained Parent Hosts, parents gather in small groups and explore questions that really matter to them, questions that they genuinely want answered. Those questions deal with: • Taking Care of Yourself • Being a Strong Parent • Building Positive Relationships • Developing a Solid Education Plan • Being Aware of Support We gather and share the group’s wisdom and discoveries. Conversations are the foundation for individual action and community building. “Through these meaningful conversations, parents are working to build six protective factors that strengthen their families: strength and flexibility, friendships with other parents, knowledge of child development, supportive services, and the ability to help their children communicate and give them the love and respect they need” according to the Center for the Study of Social Policy. Parent Cafes tap into the collective wisdom that is present in every community. As parents lead their own learning and growth, they gain confidence, recognize what they already know, and realize what supports they already have around them. They become clear about what their families’ challenges are. With other parents, they devise ways to solve problems and resolve issues in their own families. They identify issues and find ways to address them, committing to individual action. And they build trusting relationships, social support, and connections with other parents. In the supportive environment of the Parent Café, parents come together to deal with the fears, pressures, and challenges that many have struggled with alone. Through the Parent Café process, parents move beyond isolation to give and receive the support they need to keep their families strong. Contact Info:virtuouslife@ Want to host a café at your agency, church or in your neighborhood? All you need is the willingness to have a conversation! We will do the rest.  (Feb 28, 2013 | post #496039)

Top Stories

Why Should Jesus Love Me?

I am grateful someone thought enough of me to share the story of calvary. It has changed my life for the better! Now I endeavor to tell someone else!  (Feb 28, 2013 | post #496037)