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Mar 23, 2013

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Antioch, CA

Antioch PD & dispatch & Spanos st

Omg!!!! I can't stand calling the Antioch PD when I need them to do their job!!! There are actual good families/people that live around Spanos St. Every time I call ... They ask me a million questions and act as if my call is not important. By the time the cops show up, someone has been hurt n crime has just gone up a notch!!! If the PD already knows that these areas are filled with idiots that just want to leech and hang around other people's property uninvited..may be the cops need to patrol around here!!! May be the city of Antioch need to cite these home owners on "Spanos" street for having too much traffic!!!! Idk ... If I could move, I would. It's hard to find a place with not so good credit but I have a honest living!!! Ahhhh LORD HELP US ALL !!!  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #1)

Antioch, CA

Antioch: Homicide near G Street

These annoying people need to go back to where ever they came from!!! Antioch use to be the most safest, quiet, family orientated town. I can't stand those LOSERS standing infront of a convenient store, in people's car ports, or just standing...someone always gotta get a GUN cause their too weak to use their fist!!! They need to be deported to an island where they can kill each other and not corrupt the youth today or hurt innocent human beings!!! They want to act like animals then they should be dealt like one, catch them n release them in the wild(exclusive island)!!!  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #4)