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Apr 6, 2013

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Henderson, NV

Law would let courts restore parental rights

I live in Sterling, CO, and I believe Logan County CPS abuses their power for taking children. A 1/2 sister-in-law who lives in OK and has not had contact with myself or my husband since 2005 found us on the internet, called and made a complaint. The complaint could not be substantiated, so CPS kept my daughter in custody only allowing us to see her 4 hrs per week. When we went to court the CPS worker stated that there was no bond between my daughter and I, stated that it could not be developed, and requested termination on that ground as well as on grounds of previous terminations in other states dating back to an incident involving my husband in 1998. After termination, the CPS called my doctor (I was pregnant), and had it placed on my pre-natal records that the hospital was to contact Logan County CPS before my son was born. They then kept him from me for 24 hours after he was born even though my plans were to breast feed him. Eventually he was allowed to be in my hospital room as long as a nurse remained in the room with me at all times. Now I am fighting to get him home, and they have removed my daughter from the Foster (To Adopt) Parents she had been with from August 2010 till March 2013 to place her with the 1/2 sister-in-law in OK that started the entire mess. I have no convictions for abuse and I no longer live with my husband. I am in the process of filing separation, and want to get my daughter back home before an adoption can occur. Could someone help me PLEASE!! I don't have the money to obtain an attorney to try to help me. I love my baby girl and want her home with me where she belongs. I have provided everything for my daughter while my rights were in tact and I was permitted to, and I still currently provide everything for my son. PLEASE HELP ME GET THEM HOME WHERE THEY BELONG!!!!  (Apr 6, 2013 | post #149)