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Jul 27, 2014

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Reise leverandorer lokker sosiale medier stjerner med spesielle fordeler, rabatter og gratis ting i dag. Kontroller-ins pa Firkantet eller Facebook, Twitter-meldinger, retweets og Instagram innlegg er notert som valuta i bytte mot lojalitet steder eller rabatterte priser. I de fleste tilfeller mer folgesvenner du har, jo storre lonn. Men selv en daglig reisende med en mindre enn imponerende vifte base kan dra nytte av tweets og liker aspare penger pa reise. Relaterte innlegg: http://www.newport  (Nov 4, 2014 | post #1)

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Six things your must do in Naples Naples - Naples is one of the most authentic cities in Europe, like a charming, if threadbare, old aristocrat. Gareth Huw Davies is enraptured by its fabulous churches, palaces, galleries and ancient squares, and its thrilling backdrop – the massive brooding cone of Vesuvius. Oh, and they invented pizza here… 1... Wonder walk We took a walk through central Naples, noting random, intriguing details: the van delivering wood for the pizza ovens; the orange trees lining Via Sanfelice – with real oranges; washing fluttering miles above our heads; boys playing football in medieval squares. Then we headed to the opulent Gran Caffè Grambinus, on the edge of vast traffic-free square Piazza del Plebiscito, for an espresso. It’s next to Italy’s oldest opera house, Teatro di San Carlo, and the great glass-roofed arcade of Galleria Umberto. 2... Pizza perfect Naples connects to the very soul of the pizza. In 2009 the EU awarded the Pizza Napoletana its ‘traditional specialty’ label. A host of good family places serve it, on a base like a pastry quilt, cooked in wood-fired ovens. We liked the Fratelli La Bufala chain – try the one in Via Medina. One evening our hotel booked us into the Taverna dell’Arte, up a flight of ancient steps, Rampe S.Giovanni. It’s tiny and romantic, with tables for two in cosy corners, and full of locals. They served the taste of the ancient Naples inn (salt cod and Maruzzara beans). Ristorante Umberto in Via Alabardieri is a trattoria with happy red seats and local fare. La Scialuppa, via Borgo Marinari, is a busy fish restaurant under Castel dell’Ovo. See here: za/travel/travel-t ips/six-things-you r-must-do-in-naple s-1.1723736 Click here now: http://www.newport  (Jul 29, 2014 | post #1)