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Mar 10, 2012

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Antioch, IL

Antioch residents aren't fine with winery proposal

As stated by News Reader 2011, unincorporated areas of the county are policed by the County Sheriff which County residents due pay for. People that live in the Township pay for Fire coverage already. Snow removal has village coverage and township coverage. If you live outside these areas you are covered by the County.(just an example of the differences and they pay accordingly.) The people live in an area choosen by them for the reasons they determined were good for them. This has nothing to do with sympathy but a desire for the prople affected to have their concerns heard and allowed to VOTE on the issues affecting them. Do you have facts that says the people do not pay for fire and police protection, school usage. If I remember correctly the school districts are maped to areas and not village/township boundaries. If you live in one district but send you children to another you pay additional tuition costs. There is no free ride anywhere so what I see the issue is, do the people in this area want to be annexed into the village or not due to the village wanting the tax revenue from the winery. Should be there right to say yes or no.  (Jun 8, 2012 | post #31)

Antioch, IL

Antioch residents aren't fine with winery proposal

Just a question on the location of the Winery. North of 173 on Crawford road is pretty far east of the village? If the land is annexed into the villiage that means everything between Crawford road and the current eastern limit of the villiage will be annexed right? If I remember corretly from the many years(38) I lived in Antioch right on Main street, there is the Villiage of Antioch and a Township. This affects the taxes for the land owners in the unincorporated area being annexed in. Also if you build anything that will draw more traffic to the area no matter the size it affects the people living in tht area. It sounds like they live in unincorporated Lake County because they like the country living with it's peaceful tranquility. Don't they have a right to their peace and quite? At least have the right to have their concerns heard? I read the article and see they will have 6 parking spaces and propose to be open early evenings and during the day on weekends. Only allow 6 tastings per visit which amounts to a glass. It will not be like sitting in a bar and consuming large amounts. Depending on the proposed annex area, this could affect the taxes of residents living around the property which we all know would benefit the village in gained money so they are all for it. Let's at least consider the people that have probably lived there for many years by choice and cost before you let the village's greed get in the way.  (Jun 7, 2012 | post #27)