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May 24, 2014

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Ball/Glow Lights and EL WIRE at Koyal Group Discounts Blo...

Enchant Your Guests with Koyal Ball Lights | Fairy Glow Lights Illuminate your garden with a firefly soiree... Our new and unique Koyal Ball Lights are a very affordable 0.75" diameter fairy light that have a slow fade on/fade off effect. Available in 8 colors (10 Ball Lights/box), these beautiful little Koyal Ball Lights are great for hanging from branches, lighting up shrubs, using in floral arrangements, displaying in centerpieces, and more. The enchanting luminescence of Koyal Ball Lights will have your guests feeling like they're surrounded by sprites. Fairytale perfect! Koyal Wholesale( http://www.koyalwh ) Koyal Ball Lights have a water resistant design, so you can use these in floating water centerpieces, candle bowls, water fountains, and more. Each Koyal Ball Light has a tiny glowing white LED that fades on/off very slowly, just like a firefly's glow. Available in 8 Colors: White Blue Purple Pink Green Red Warm White Color-Changing Light Up the Night with EL WIRE Electro Luminescent Wire! Our brand new electroluminescent wire, aka "EL WIRE" is a neon-like illuminating light technology that is flexible, bendable, and ready to use with 2 "AA" Batteries. This neon wire generates NO heat and is cool to the touch. Cool light! El Wire kits can be set to three functions: a) Fast Flash, b) Slow Flash, or c) Steady Light. The wire is 2.2 mm thick, and approximately 10 feet long. Get colorful and creative this summer with El Wire glow wire! Uses: El Wire Costume design, decorate and light up cupcake stands, manzanita brances, wedding arches, centerpieces, candy buffets, hollow posts & tubing. Light up the night at summer music festivals and events with light wire! Available in 9 Colors: Yellow Orange Purple Pink Red Blue Lime Green White Teal You can look at here: http://www.koyalwh ndex.html&zeni d=320122e77f52f554 13d488e69b464eed  (Aug 24, 2014 | post #1)

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The Koyal Group InfoMag News Doubts Shroud Big Bang Disco...

"Perhaps it was too good to be true. Two months ago, a team of cosmologists reported that it had spotted the first direct evidence that the newborn universe underwent a mind-boggling exponential growth spurt known as inflation. But last week a new analysis suggested the signal, a subtle pattern in the afterglow of the big bang, or cosmic microwave background (CMB), could be an artifact produced by dust within our own galaxy. "We're certainly not retracting our result," says John Kovac, a cosmologist at the Harvard-Smithsonia n Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and co-leader of the team, which used a specialized telescope at the South Pole known as BICEP2. Others say the BICEP team has already lost its case. "At this time, I think the fair thing to say is that you cannot claim detection—period, " says Paul Steinhardt, a theoretical physicist at Princeton University. From 2010 through 2012, BICEP2 peered at a small patch of the CMB to measure the polarization of the microwaves as it varies from point to point. On 17 March, BICEP researchers announced at a press conference in Cambridge that they had spotted ultrafaint pinwheel-like swirls in the sky. Those swirls, or B modes, are most likely traces of gravitational waves rippling through space and time during the 10–32 seconds that inflation lasted, the BICEP team says, and they fulfill a key prediction of the theory of inflation. Many cosmologists hailed the detection as a smoking gun for that theory. Homepage: /link/the-koyal-gr oup-infomag-news-d oubts-shroud-big-b ang-discovery Resources: http://koyalgroupi http://www.makefiv ews-business/other /koyal-info-mag1  (May 24, 2014 | post #1)