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Jan 28, 2013

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Why I’m no longer a Christian

Hi, What a well-thought out and well-expressed communication. I admire your honesty and integrity in sharing your experience. It seems to me, reading through the whole of your story, that your baptism as a boy of ten was more due to the pressures applied by the religiousity of the folk around you than to your own reasoning with regards to following Christ. In other words, although you were being told that you were now a Christian, and hence a new creature in Christ, the words and the experience simply did not add up. The result of this was that you then had to go through years of suffering the consequence of this delusion. When someone decides to follow Christ it is a deeply personal decision, and is between the person and God alone, not between the person and the host of religious family, friends and acquaintances. Many church pews are filled by folk who consider themselves to be Christians and yet do nothing to display their true allegiance to Christ. Many are there because it is considered the 'done thing' to attend church, so that people can see that you are a 'good' person. Many are there through habit, and many more for a variety of other social reasons. It is often difficult to find a church where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached let alone enacted, and where often even the leaders of the church fail to display the humility and compassion that would shine through the true believer. Being a Christian is not about what you can get but about what you can give. It's following the path of self-sacrifice like Jesus did for the benefit of others and with no demand for gainful return. I suggest that the honesty you display in your communication is the result of a spiritual journey of soul-searching which you are on, even if you are not fully aware of it yourself. I hope that you will truly find your spiritual self one day and experience the joy of knowing Christ in a really life-changing way, and that you might then consider yourself a Christian though not a religious zealot. May God bless you in your searching.  (Jan 29, 2013 | post #440037)