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Nov 13, 2011

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Little Falls, NY

Mayor Bob was right tax the churches

You should have insisted on The Great Controversy....equally weighty in 2 respects. Being a Christian was more satisfying when its intellectual benchmark was Aquinas....and being a Conservative at least made sense when the benchmarks were Burke and Disraeli.  (Dec 17, 2014 | post #18)

Little Falls, NY

Mayor Bob was right tax the churches

Good old Ayn hoo..I could be so successful if only the government would get out of my do I get a copyright for my drivel?  (Dec 17, 2014 | post #15)

Little Falls, NY

Complete Streets Complete Mystery in Little Falls

You won't be so critical when MSF generously offers to assist you in applying for that grant you need to cover 10% of the cost of installing a pedestrian crossing signal where your driveway crosses the sidewalk.  (Nov 24, 2014 | post #22)

Little Falls, NY

Best Athlete to come from LF

As far as athletic achievement or recognition at a high level you have to consider Bob McCully, 2nd round NBA draft choice of the Cincinnati Royals after a stellar career at St Bonaventure. Also a couple of little known candidates would be Allan Feldmeier who played guard for a winning Navy team in an Army-Navy football game around the beginning of WWII, as well as his brother Bob who was a champion wrestler at Princeton.  (Nov 24, 2014 | post #66)

Little Falls, NY

Global Warming/Climate Change

What could be considered more collective than an outhouse on an unpopulated island or more socialist than a communal picnic on government property?  (Nov 17, 2014 | post #6)

Little Falls, NY

Yokel Dictionary Thread

socialism ...n. a political action one does not agree with goon...n. someone who supports a politician I do not like elite...n. a class of people who selfishly seek to improve the community without prospect of financial gain 55% ..n. an incompetent majority that can't get its act together beyond a mastery of converting fractions (factions with an r) to percentage vactor...n. a necessary evil similar in concept to a GOP congressman hanging out in airport restrooms and just as reviled.  (Oct 30, 2014 | post #8)

Little Falls, NY

MSF may cause cosmic black hole, end universe as we know it

MSF is undeniably just another Obama inspired conspiracy to zombify the citizenry of Little Falls. The only thing stopping the plot from being successful is that once zombified it is next to impossible for a citizen to find any brains to eat unless he or she leaves town.  (Oct 29, 2014 | post #5)

Little Falls, NY

Complete Streets and Bankruptcy in Little Falls

I bet they even force people to have bike lanes on their private driveways...and who knows...maybe they'll force Moose to fund a pedestrian crossing for blinded people across Main St. Worse yet, they might send Kofi Annan to take Dave B's car.  (Oct 23, 2014 | post #6)

Little Falls, NY

Let me get this straight... Police and Fire board

No disrespect intended, but I bet Dr. Wind continues to contribute more to the board than the other named members combined.  (Oct 15, 2014 | post #5)

Little Falls, NY

Old camera footage just surfaced today

Of course the people that believe this video clip to be an unquestionably true depiction of events are by and large the very same people who claim that video clips of USA astronauts walking on the moon are obviously phony and staged.  (Oct 15, 2014 | post #2)

Little Falls, NY

Mein Reich First

You have to admit that there is a legitimate concern that a bike lane on High Street will be an impediment to public safety.  (Oct 14, 2014 | post #12)

Little Falls, NY

LF Topix Posters Defend Delinquents and Bash City Officials

We all have to give you credit for adhering to your own advice about posting sensible comments.  (Sep 18, 2014 | post #2)

Little Falls, NY


I don't know about local law enforcement...but this might be of interest to you http://arstechnica .com/tech-policy/2 013/09/meet-the-ma chines-that-steal- your-phones-data/2 /  (Aug 28, 2014 | post #2)

Little Falls, NY

Mayor Bobs Bong Bonanza

http://www.herkime cle/20140822/NEWS/ 140829844/?Start=1  (Aug 27, 2014 | post #18)

Little Falls, NY

Ferguson - Little Falls, NY

I don't think any of you cop apologists get problem isn't about who may or may not have been to blame about the shooting...the only things I know for sure are that the cop didn't know the kid was a suspect for a recent crime, he stopped the kid for jay-walking, he plugged him 6 times and his partner cop never saw fit to get off a shot. Maybe the kid deserved to get plugged 6 times but one has to really question what went down where an all-white police force responsible for the shooting (responsible, not necessarily at fault...there is a difference) then reacts by a show of force involving assault weapons and armored vehicles and then releases derogatory information about the deceased having no real bearing on what actually happened. And perhaps what really needs to be questioned is how many people are readily willing to write off the entire incident since, in their enlightened opinion, the cops were only relieving society from another savage menace.  (Aug 18, 2014 | post #18)

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