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Oct 11, 2010

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New MUAY THAI Show on G4TV!!

Hey, Everyone! I'm going to be honest with you: I'm a "plant." I know that everyone here appreciates "no BS," so that's why I'm being straight with you. Plus, having trained in Shaolin/Kempo/Kara te myself (Fred Villari's Studios of Self-Defense), I have a great respect for the Martial Arts community... Anyway, I'm here trying to promote a great new show (about Muay Thai) on G4TV. It's called Champions of Champions Elite. And, for the first time in America, the Kings Cup will be shown as a "special " on the show on the 22nd of this month. It's pretty exciting, actually: http://community.c /246/Kings-Cup-Pro mos-30.aspx Have any of you seen the show? Does anyone here have any opinons to share on it? I know a lot of you aren't going to appreciate my presence here, and I apologize for that, but I hope that at least a few of you will take a look and be happy you were made aware of this show's existence. :) Thank you! --Ramona PS: I will be coming back to read replies and answer any questions. I'm not a robot! <3 Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Everyone!  (Oct 11, 2010 | post #1)