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Feb 25, 2013

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UNT Jewish Studies Program to present lecture by Holocaus...

Please consider the bigger picture. Were you and yours rounded-up, marched to death camps? Arrested merely for your faith? For defending equality? For not complying with a State Order to "call crime-check if you see a suspected Gay?" Let me explain: decades before Nazis, a certain Pope decreed the eating of the potato a "sin". This starved the Irish. But there was more to it than that. Have you attended Catholic Mass? Have you read the Liturgy? Experienced it? It stirs-up hostilities against Jews, which Protestants took to a whole "new level." A Jewish Traditional food is Latke, it is eaten nearly every Jewish Holiday, by the Jews and Jew-ish around the world, for thousands of years. The Pope declaring the eating of the potato a "sin" was to further stir-up hatreds against Jews. Further, I am Jew-ish, and I am Gay, not bisexual, never "in a closet", never lived a double-life, never cowered behind a woman pretending to be someone I am not. I am none of the stereotypes, I am real Gay, with PRIDE. Nazism was about superiority. It was a highly-religious Protestant Nationalistic movement. Hitler stirred-up resentments against Jews by claiming the 'christian' character 'jesus' was murdered by Jews. I'm sure you've heard that, at least. Everybody in Protestant society has. Before WWII, Nazism being about supremacy, rounded-up all "sinners, " and marched them to "citizen re-indoctrination camps," starting with we Gay men, where we were subjected to human-experimentat ion, forced administration of drugs, surguries, and psychological 'conditionings.' In fear for our lives, we sought aide and comfort, and the only people that would protect us, lived in the Jewish Quarters. The Nazis went on a rampage, expanding their lists of "undesirables " to include the Jews, merely because they dissented, because they refused to just "go along," because they would not turn-over we Gays merely for breathing. We Gays were holocausted then, and are still being holocausted. Everything we had, was stolen from us, our history erased, our properties seized, our pursuits of happiness, life and liberty denied. Same with jews. 6-million Jews lost their lives, one way or another, millions more their livelihoods, for their Jewish Faith, for defending the meek, for serving and protecting the few, for protecting a minority group, for standing-up and saying it is wrong to kill people for one's 'faith,' for promoting religious freedom, for advocating for the right to love whomever you love, for not agreeing with censoring those whom dissent. Now you. It matters not if we Jews/Jew-ish and Gays were boiled in vats of oil, poisoned in bars and restaurants and in peoples' homes, buried in sand to our eyeballs, run-over by tanks, burned-out of our homes, burned-alive with 'napalm,' lined-up alongside the road and shot, starved in cages, murdered with the precision of surgeons and physicians and druggists, or murdered with gas in ovens, we were rounded-up and murdered. Did you count the graves? Did you verify the bodies with your five-senses, or just have someone tell you, "bodies?! What bodies! There were no bodies!", and then show you a movie, "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers," to subliminally dislodge the memories, erasing the very words, a form of censorship, that describe the horror? Do you deny that millions of Native Americans were exterminated, too? And that efforts to "save them" have been failure? The money used for "whitey" to establish careers for themselves, with endless PhD-level reports claiming how "successful " they themselves are, therefore "deserving " of "greater rewards"? All opinions are treasures, but why do you hide your true identity "in the closet?" Are you that ashamed of who you are? That cowerdly? Kind regards, Clayton Leon Winton  (Feb 25, 2013 | post #2)


Google "Gay Is The New Jew"...

Brian A. Wilkins WROTE: BEGIN QUOTE: "I expect to be called "anti-semitic " and "homophobic " for not being a "good (censored)" by blindly adhering to and dignifying all Euro-rhetoric. But this "be America," and this is "be expected." " END QUOTE ================== ================== == MY WORDS in response to Brian A. Wilkins: I will not LABEL you, sir. I will strive to overcome the temptation to LABEL YOU as you have labeled me. I am Jew-ish. I am Gay. I was born this way. I am not "out of the closet," for I never had one to hide in; never lived a double-life, lieing and cheating, cowering behind a woman. I've never had a sexual-relationshi p with a woman; never lived with one; never had a girlfriend to "stay over" with her, or she to sleep with me. I've never slept in a bed with a woman. I read your article. I know you fear me. I know you are of the opinion that I am part of an "organized movement" that is attempting to "seize control of the world," or your country, or your state, or your city, or your House. But I have no such agenda. I've been involved only in loving relationships, monogomous. I've never cheated on anybody, ever in my life. I've never snuck-around, lieing to one, while bed-hopping with another. I don't bed-hop. I don't do "hook-ups. " I don't do casual-sex. I don't do one-night-stands. I'm just normal Gay, not the stereotypes your opinions are based upon. I have no plans to make "converts " to anything. Just the idea of "conversion " and "conversion therapy" is a Str8 idea, not a Gay idea. Real Gays don't do that, don't engage in that, don't help anybody cheat, ever. Bisexuals might, they might even claim they are 'gay,' but we real Gays know the difference. Do you? The thing about "conversion " and "converts " and "conversion therapies" is that, indeed, being a Str8 idea, a Str8 'value,' they promote the idea that it's a "gay agenda" because it's always been the real agenda of Str8s to make "converts " of their religions, then sell the products of "paperwork " (unions, marriages, etc.) and hate all whom disagree or "fail" the "conversion therapy." -- then they ostracize; -- then they proselatyze; -- then they shun; -- then they vandalize; -- then they pass laws to censor, harass, isolate, denigrate; -- then, they hold hands, sing songs, pray to their so-called "unconditiona l loving god", hoping it exterminates that which they are exterminating. It's interesting because all opinions are treasures, firstly. It allows us to celebrate our differences, peacefully, instead of goose-stepping in lock-step, like machines, like robots, like puppets (in denial of FREEWILL), then kill all whom is different. But we are free; and sharing the diversity of thoughts and opinions is one of the most beloved treasures of life, and honors the brave men and women whom serve and protect our country(s) to make peace possible. Secondly; it's interesting because ignorance is a form of "intellectual slavery," the "bondage " is within the mind; fear being the "whips and chains." My Jew-ish faith is liberating all people from such forms of bondage, be it a personal-form, mental or physical. I fear you, too. So we agree on something! lol But you were not rounded-up and marched to death camps for your "weirdness, " your "differences, " your "diversity. " We were, and still are. Let's help liberate each other, our peoples, to the freedoms the brave gave their lives and risk their lives defending. My courage be with you. Kind regards, always, Clayton Leon Winton (please note: when I clicked the "Post Comment" button, the text scrunched together, paragraph (returns) removed; and a notice in red font says: "please regrain from posting profanity or offensive material. Be polite. Inappropriate posts may be removed by the moderator." -- but I posted nothing offensive; -- and the removal of the line-returns by the systems renders my kindly words of professed faith unreadable, which is impolite and offensive.  (Feb 25, 2013 | post #4)


Senate Win In Wis. A 'Turning Point' For Gay Rights

The ad hominem in these posts is meanspirited, and proves an incredible lack of personal-character 'depth.' We must remember that ad hominem is the leading cause of Gay Bashings, violence, shootings in this country, so those engaged in it, promote violence, especially against Gays. That is obviously the agenda of the anti-Gays, not mine. CAN WOMEN BE 'gay'? NO. Old-School 'think' was that 'gay' was synonymous with "homosexualit y." At the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement, we did not define our words, our language, our legal terms. Since that time, we have. Language evolves. Education too, but we of the GLBTQ ("LGBT" to some) people have no formal-education about these topics, just rumors, and misinformation. Only men/males can be "Gay," and only women (females) can be "Lesbian. " That is what we learned, what our blood was spilled for, as we progressed with Gay Rights. There is no such thing as a male "lesbian " and there is no such thing as a female "gay". The word 'gay,' in Gay Rights, is not interchangeable. Just as the word "Jew" is not applicable to Baptists. One may be of Hebrew ancestry, but not Jewish; nor can you say you are Black if you are White. You cannot seek protections of Native Americans if you have not descended from them. You cannot say you are Blind if you can see. Our opponants always said that 'gay' was an 'attitude' and a 'choice.' It is not. I was born this way. When either 'gays' or 'lesbians' claim that women can be 'gay too,' they are promoting the same hatreds of our opponants, disrespecting Gay Rights, proving a level of ignorance greater than those whom hate us. Can you imagine the Jew that claims s/he is "Islamic? " Can you imagine the Asian that says s/he is 'discriminated' against because, seeking protections by law, while saying they are "Latino? " Further, when a female, married, divorces or leaves her heterosexual relationship, then "comes out of the closet", claims she is 'lesbian,' she proves ignorance too, because she can never be "Lesbian, " only Bisexual. Her existence in reality proves it. She had sexual-relationshi ps with both men and women during her life. That is the definition of "Bisexual, " not "lesbian. " Same with men. The "out of closet" cases prove disrespect to Gay Rights, by claiming they are "suddenly gay." There is no such thing. If a male, and "out of the closet," after a sexual-relationshi p with a women, they are not 'gay,' their very lives and how they lived it, proves they are Bisexual, not 'gay.' I am just Gay. I am not a Bisexual nor would I seek the protections Bisexuals seek, for I have no right doing so. Nor would I seek the protections under Womens' Rights claiming I am "lesbian. " No man can. No male can. That is GAY RIGHTS, the inherent truth that we are born this way, with PRIDE. Kind Regards, Clayton Winton  (Feb 25, 2013 | post #10)