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May 3, 2011

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Denver, CO

Review: American Exteriors Mfg Inc

American Exteriors had done the same sales scam on us. A door to door person came by and said because of our location being close to schools we could side our home for a fraction of the cost just for putting a sign in the yard. I only agreed to have a free estimate done. A lady by the name of Dawn Quasebarth came by and showed us samples and measured the outside. We do not have a big house. Only 1,470 sq. ft. Of coverage which had a price of over 18,000.00 with their so called discounts was lowered to 12,750.00. I am so glad we did not do business with this company. If I receive any harassment from them it will be dealt with as such! They must pull this same sales crap to different cities and towns once they have been reported. I could tell it was all garbage from the beginning. So glad all she showed me was what the cost would be. From what I have read here stay away from their sales scams!!! Stay with reputable companies with their own employee installers! Thanks for allowing my comments.  (Jul 15, 2012 | post #21)