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Aug 3, 2012

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Manchester, KY

Carl's store Roger & his woman

Thanks, alot ..and yes i am very super happy with my hubby and noone can ever come in between the 2 of us. like you said if he cheated i would know and thats right very right ,because him and me are very close and we have a very special hubby and me don't never believe lies we know that ppl always want to start trouble and lies when they know that someone is happy. and everyone that knows us 2 should dang sure know that we are super close and that we love eachother very much.we are 1 ya know.and everyone that knows us should for sure know that him or me neither one have a chance to cheat lmao,heck we are always together ,never apart. and for you all that want to know.yes my hubby is home now and we are living life as great as we always are. and another thing.i really know that the person that started stuff about my man anyways is that hoe of an ex he has lmao. she needs to really go on with her life.he loves me not you trick ..anyway thanks.. clara and jeff always loving eachother more than anything.and we love our kids with everything in us..  (Nov 17, 2012 | post #30)

Manchester, KY

Carl's store Roger & his woman

go read the messages we sent to you hoe...  (Nov 10, 2012 | post #28)

Manchester, KY

Carl's store Roger & his woman

we don't care what you have to say hoe,just if you don't have the nerve to come to my face or at least tell me who you really are then you need to just back off.i know that you best be afraid because i will beat your eyeballs shut when i find out who you really are but hmmmm oh i forgot you to scared to face up and say who you are,you want to hide behind that dang computer lmao.well you better if you know whats good for you. i will get you one of these days and when i do you will wish that you never ever wrote stuff about my man on here and started a bunch of bull and lies about him.heck they ain't even no girl such as the name lindsey that he was suppose to messed with ,thats a made up name that i know now that you made up.listen sweety i don't care how much you say that he cheated on me i won't believe you and i dang sure ain't going to dump him,damn he has got the best hmm well you know that i have ever had.i couldn't leave that,and he couldn't leave this.we are meant for eachother .and another thing we ain't the type that believes lies and stuff we have to see it with our own 2 eyes go and mess with someone else because you ain't never going to get my man.another thing you sure do keep up with him and me alot.what are you a stalker lmao.your a hoe in my eyes that only wants to break up homes. your nothing nasty skank noone would have you.come on if your not to chicken and admit to who you are.your afraid i will whoop that as* right.well i will.and remember i will get you one day.and that day is comeing soon.i promise you that. Clara Anderson Loves Jeff Anderson. Forever and Always No Matter What. eat that hoe  (Nov 10, 2012 | post #27)

Manchester, KY

Carl's store Roger & his woman

no he don't have me fooled,its just that i know my husband and i know that he wouldn't do me that way. Look i found out that it wasn't true so why the crap do you want to get on here and lie for? i swear people like you really piss me off. we sure do have alot of jealous ppl in this world,or should i say here in this town lmao. and if it would have been true well the ho don't have enough nerve to let me know who she really is and in person,i guess she knows what will happen. but for everyone that really wants to know no i don't think that jeff cheated on me to be honest i know he didn't we are always together.I love him and he loves go on and have yourselves a great life and stay out of me i keep my man happy he don't have to go out and find some nasty hoe. no matter what everyone in this world has to say about my jeff and me we love each other and we will never be split apart.Clara loves Jeff  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #23)

Manchester, KY

want to know about clara williams

Biting the frig out of me??? hmmm that don't make any sense lmao. anyway no we are not high,are you?? i wish that you retards would worry about what is going on in your own life and stop worrying about what my husband and me are doing.we are doing great and all we are worrying about is our kids,family and eachother and friends as for the rest of the world well the hell with them. we know what is going on in our life so thats all that matters. and another thing i don't care what any of you people in this world have to say about my husband and me because we are going to be together untill the end of time.noone are noting in this world could ever break us up.  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #8)

Manchester, KY

want to know about clara williams

Well we are going to go spend time together and with our wonderful children for those out there that want to know about us and what we are doing. and maybe later Jeff and me will spend some time alone then back to spending more time with our beautiful kids. I Think its better this way i will let you know what we are doing that way you want go through all the trouble trying to find out about our lives. LMAO... I think everyone needs to get a LIFE. I LOVE YOU JEFF AND ALL OUR WONDERFUL KIDS  (Aug 3, 2012 | post #5)

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