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Jan 24, 2014

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Producer Chris Diodati Planning More Remixes of Songs by ...

Producer Chris Diodati says he’s going to release dance remixes of more songs by music legends in 2014. The highly-regarded remix producer, who also uses aliases such as Christian Dio, Diomix, Christian Diodati and Dio had a big dance hit last decade with his remix of the Ray Charles song “Walkin’& Talkin’.” The remix even earned Dio a 2006 nomination for a Juno Award for “Dance Recording of the Year.” The producer has also remixed songs by music legends like Michael Jackson (“Get on the Floor”), James Brown (“Soul Brotha #1”) and Whitney Houston (“I Look to You”). Chris Diodati has also remixed songs by past artists like the O’Jays (“Backstabbers”) and Pilot (“Magic”). Christopher Diodati has also considerable success with remixes by current music stars in various genres. Chris Diodati producer remixed Christina Aguilera’s song “Candy Man,” “House is Not a Home” by Deborah Cox, Angie Stone’s “I Wanna Thank Ya,” Tito Puente, Jr.’s cover of “Oye Como Va,” Mary J. Blige’s “Got to be Real” and more. Several of the producer’s remixes have become dance hits around the world, landing on the dance chart for Billboard. Google the producer to listen to some of the many remixes he’s produced. Other artists whose songs Diodati has remixed include Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Jamie Foxx, Ciara, Foxy and Monica.  (Jan 24, 2014 | post #1)