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Sep 5, 2013

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Chicago, Illinois; A place with a personality like poison...

That piece of trash is just like a tree that loses limbs in a big storm. Any tree that loses limbs, even small ones, in even a single big storm, is chopped down and hauled away. It's municipal law as well as nature's law; only the strongest, fittest trees are allowed to line city streets. Any tree that is damaged by a storm is immediately finished off and removed by chainsaw, chipper, stump grinder, and logging truck.  (Mar 4, 2014 | post #36)


Chicago, Illinois; A place with a personality like poison...

That piece of shit that you are replying to has been trolling all over the dang Internet, even over at the forum! As we said earlier, social outcasts, including but NOT limited to guys with glasses, anyone who is overweight, anyone who has ANY type of physical, mental, or developmental disability, is wheelchair bound, has behaviors anywhere outside the normal beat of life, and who has ANYTHING about him that is odd, have ZERO business wasting our oxygen, food, space, and money, and they need to be exterminated and destroyed!  (Mar 4, 2014 | post #35)


Chicago, Illinois; A place with a personality like poison...

Outcast bastards like this piece of shit have NO business wasting our oxygen, our money, our food, and our lives! ANY man who; has glasses, makes less than the richest three percent make, and can not FULLY support himself, the woman, and the family by himself with only his own income and all else belongs in the sewer! Social outcast shits need to be exterminated from this world, no questions asked! Survival of the FITTEST; that's nature's law!  (Mar 4, 2014 | post #34)

Fort Myers, FL

I'm STILL active on their witing list, you Illinois mail ...

Yac continuing; In fact, I really wish there was a way to not only have Michael arrested for his ranting, but also exported to North Korea, and sentenced to life in our wonderful and beautiful Yodok concentration camp!  (Sep 5, 2013 | post #39)

Fort Myers, FL

I'm STILL active on their witing list, you Illinois mail ...

This clown is a piece of trolling sewage! He has been trolling like a demon over at the forum, has been banned over a dozen times, keeps coming back, and trolling that the only women he ever has luck with are the morbidly obese ones. Autistic sewage trash is nothing but a scourge to society, and it is a great thing, at least here in North Korea, that even the governments don't put up with disabled trash at all. Here in North Korea, our government immediately institutionalize and execute people with disabilities, right in our concentration camps and gas chambers, and we really wish America would do the same. In fact, the North Korean government even does random disability tests on ALL North Korean citizens periodically. If a citizen fails the test, that person is immediately institutionalized. Well thank goodness I came across this forum and am finally able to positively identify the troll who has been bashing Chicago on the forum. Me, Markablue, Yac, and all of our city-data forum staff are on his tail right now, and we will have Michael's phone and Internet shut down in no time. In fact, Yac is here at his request. Yac speaking here; I totally plan on getting this troll shut down for good, by framing him as a sex predator/pedophile . He complains about Chicago being rude to him, let's see how the rat bastard complains about Stateville!  (Sep 5, 2013 | post #38)

Fort Myers, FL

He XD he XD he XD!!! Mike Crenshaw is SO going to hate it...

So, Mike Crenshaw is your name? Well, nobody is listening to your putrid complaints, and may you rot away in our favorite region of Chicago, Illinois. You are allready banned, IP address and all, from the forum for your sick trolling. Myself, Markablue, and Yac are watching the forum for any sign of your return, and are even seriously considering contacting your ISP and having your Internet shut down. And so that you are aware, we log IP addresses of all users of the forum. And all three of us, as well as many of our users on the forum, especially in the Chicago forum, would really appreciate it if you listen to Cook County Mail Authority and go kill yourself. By the way, we didn't know that autism was contagious! Here in North Korea, we do not allow people with disabilities to live at all. We immediately institutionalize and execute them at the first sign of a disability.  (Sep 5, 2013 | post #24)

Chicago, IL

The dating scene in Chicago. Your questions answered.

Nobody is listening to you, you filthy piece of sewage! You are allready banned from the city-data forum as a troll and as a sexual pervert! Because you know something? Only serial rapists and sex predators would EVER fail to hook up with a Chicagoland college cheerleader. If you really are disabled, you have no business breathing our fresh air!  (Sep 5, 2013 | post #4)

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