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Feb 28, 2012

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Hurricane, WV

Drugs in Hurricane

Dont think you know what your talking about. May need to keep your mouth shut and dont slander good people. Guy just graduated and has a lot more to worry about than dope.  (May 19, 2012 | post #135)

Inwood, WV

lost dog in Inwood please help!

Folks, my pup Maggie, got out of her collar Monday evening. We live on True Apple Way near the Dining Room. Shes a Lab/Aussie Mix, small in stature, about 35lbs with a Black and White "Merle" short hair coat. Shes very smart and sweet. Shes my sidekick and miss her dearly. If any info on her please call 304-549-71 sixteen. Thank you. Just hasnt been the same  (Feb 28, 2012 | post #1)