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Feb 2, 2011

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Palm Coast, FL

will palm coast continue building up?

so far i'm not liking palm coast but i have to stay here this is my home now. we don't have a sonics, a mall, a sam's club, more than one walmart or target, and a few other restaurants like five guy burgers. a cinnabon, a skating or ice rink, a teen hangout place, nothing for young people here and funny this is that there is alot of young parents here so i don't get why this god damn town ain't building up. it's a pathetic waste of space right now. i'm sorry for being so angry. i'm glad we now have a movie theatre. i thin it's these old geezers that don't want new stuff being built. i know the abc liquors we have here now was a huge pain in the butt to open since these old rotting flesh heads keeps saying it makes the town look trashy. well how abotu you all shut up and let the town evolve like the rest of the god damn world. this town is nearly one of those towns where you stop for gas and eat and go. nothing special. we need more crap to do here than just shopping at the small ass town center at sr100 at target i'm sick of it!!!!!! build another walmart for god sakes. is there one being built soon? god i hate these people staling build another target and gas stations here. it's so annoying that no gas stations is nearby where i live. build another movie house at the other side of palm coast. build a damn sonic's restaurant. i swear this place remidns me of rio rancho new mexico but crappier and slower to evolve where i use to live there is 3 superwalmarts around the area. then there is like 4 sonics then there is like 2 god damn targets and about to get 3 movie houses. everyone im serious who do i talk to to get things going. this town has alot of potenttials but it seems that we are forgotten. anyone can enlightten this thing?  (Feb 2, 2011 | post #1)