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Aug 22, 2009

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Adair County, KY

long lost relatives

I am looking for information on the following surnames: My Great-Great Grandmother was Anna Davis Caldwell Hancock married to Thomas Tunsil or Tunsil Thomas Hancock of Green County. Anna's parents were from Adair County they were Levi Henry Caldwell and Harriet Lee Grady Caldwell. I know that Harriet and Levi are buried on the Charles Kessler farm in the Portland Community. I have not been able to find out where Anna was buried. My Great Grandmother Carrie Lee Hancock Sullivan lost her mother Anna when she was a young girl. The story always told was Anna was combing her hair by the fire place, caught fire and died. Any information I can collect on the Caldwell's or Grady's would be greatly appreciated. You never know I might find a long lost cousin.  (Nov 1, 2009 | post #1)

Greensburg, KY

Looking for long lost relatives

My family surnames are: Vaughn,Gore, Gupton, Parker and Bennett on my Grandfather's side on my Grandmother's side surnames are: Sullivan,Rodgers,H ancock,Caldwell and Grady. My grandfather was John Milton Vaughn (Johnny) a rebel I was told. Dallas police beat him up left him in jail to die, and he did. Maybe your parents or grandparents are familiar with these surnames. His parents was Milton Porter Vaughn(Humpy) and Mollie Gore Vaughn (Mary Francis). My grandmother was Autrey Sullivan Vaughn her parents were Carrie Lee Hancock Sullivan and William Hendrix Sullivan. Carrie's parents was Tunsil Thomas or Thomas Tunsil Hancock, her mother was Anna Davis Caldwell Hancock, she died when Carrie was a little Girl, I always heard she was combing her hair by the fireplace caught fire and died. Tunsil's 2nd wife was Cora Handy. My ggg-grandfather was Oliver Hazard Hancock. Any information on my family would be greatly appreciated. Like I said maybe your grandparents or parents know of them. My Father was William Porter Vaughn (Billy) on living child of Johnny and Autrey Sullivan Vaughn. They lived I know around Gresham at one point and several other places in Green County, like I said my grandfather was a rebel in his day. Would love to connect with some long lost cousins. Have visited Greensburg a few times over the past couple of years and feel such a pull to the city of Greensburg and to Green County. Looking forward to the opening of the hotel in town. Does anyone know when it is going to open?  (Nov 1, 2009 | post #1)

Shepherdsville, KY

why does shep and btown hate on eachother so much

I grew up in Louisville, lived in Bardstown and now live in Shepherdsville. I will take Bardstown Kentucky over all of them. If I could get back there I would. The Racism in the this town takes you back oer 100 years at least. People are more accepting in Bardstown of other people and lot more friendly. I have tried to call this town my home and have not felt at home yet. I am sorry, I feel this way, but I do. It is like stepping back in time. It is kind of scary actually. First chance I get I am out of this town.  (Aug 23, 2009 | post #10)

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