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Jul 18, 2007

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Calhoun, LA

Unjustified spending by government.

I have a niece in the Air Force Reserves, which I thi9nk is a great thing for young people. The thing I do not agree with is that she is stationed in Alaska and there is no where to place her for work. Even though she does not have a job she is still being paid a total of $4000.00 a month. For what? There is no where to place her for work. I do not understand when there is nowhere to place her how can our government justify paying her $4000.00 a month out of tax payers money? It makes no sense to me. No wonder we are in the shape we are in. We as a country are all ready in debt and if we are paying folks for not working how are we suppose to pay those who do work?  (Aug 31, 2007 | post #1)

Calhoun, LA

Aunt arrested for stabbing niece.

Have you lost your mind? We are not suppose to do that to someome we care about. Please let's just say it was a difference of opinion? Maybe you just menatally were not home? Worst of all you were either high or drunk? What were you thinking? You should know that in the society we live in, WE, the woman are suppose to be the caregivers to our families. The last time I looked niece is a family member. One of your sibilings had her. You know I am new here in this area and I must say that the family violence displayed here in this small community is quite disturbing to me. What makes you people so mad at these family members? Aren't you raised with the same morals as the rest of the United States? You don't beaat up on husbands and wives or stab a child whether its yours or a niece or nephew. I am seeing where it is much slower here than for instance in Californisa or New York. Even Galveston,Tx is up with the times. You folks here really take the cake. You are 10 yrs behind the rest of the country. Not all of you, I have meet some very nice people who live here, but again, they are not originally from here. They have relocated and ended up here. Look, I am all for the support of the family and the community but my goodness you have to be the one to make a difference. You have to be the one to make the changes and to put a different way of handling things into progress. Violence is not the answer and it is definately not the way to handle problems. I just am really shocked at the amount of hate that fills one community. I have never in my 40 something years of life lived in such a small community where anger and hate and violence are so easily allowed to happen daily and treated like it the right thing to do. Folks I don't knwo who told you that aits the right thing to do but they lied to all of you.  (Jul 20, 2007 | post #1)

Calhoun, LA

Husband charged with domestic abuse

A Calhoun "man" arrested for beating up his wife. "Man" ? I don't think so. Man anyway. Whatever happened to boys being raised with its wrong to hit a girl? Boys grow up to be men and girls up to women. He idiot its still wrong to hit a woman. I sincerely hope that you get the book thrown at you and that you are locked up for a very long time. Who knows maybe on the inside of the prison walls you will become someones woman and they do to you everything you have EVER done wrong to a woman. That would be a great lesson for you to get taught.  (Jul 20, 2007 | post #1)

Calhoun, LA

Man arrested on 11 different warrants

Seems like this man could use a little help, unfortunately, we the tax payers will have to pay for that help for him. Bad enough he has children and can not or will not pay the child support he deserves to pay for the right to bring them into this world, but to add insult to injury, he spends the money he should be giving to the kids on buying drugs? Where does he justify his actions? Hey Mister. Do you even care that your kids are doing without so you can get high? How do you sleep with yourself at night? Or get up in the morning and look at yourself? I sincerely believe that children are Gods precious gifts and you have truly disrespected God as well as your own kids. There is nothing on this earth we can do to you that would be of any use, I truly hope your maker gets your attention. You have a lot of nerve to let your kids do without so that you can fulfill a need that is far beyond criminal. I think you are the 1st person I have ever heard of that truly deserves for a prayer group to truly pray about and for your children. I do so hope that you are not in their daily lives and that they can find it within theirselves and those around them to become better individuals and outstanding members of the community. See here is a good example of why people who want to have kids should have to take a test or something. If we had a system where we had to prove we are fit to have and raise kids these kids would not have to go through what this so called man has put them through and had them live without. I do hope and pray that one day you have to answer for the neglect you have put them through. May you live a long life and may you find out that children are a precious gift and no man or woman has the right to neglest them.  (Jul 20, 2007 | post #1)

Calhoun, LA

Squirrel: Have cause, will travel

I would like to personally say Thank you to Squirrel and his family. You along with so many others are actually showing the community that you live in that bikers are not the scum of the earth. Bikers have been portrayed as bad seeds, doing drugs and other unlawful things. Not all of us are like that. We have jobs, families and we actually do care about those around us and in our communities. As well as those who are not in our communities. Bless every biker who participates in all of the poker runs. That is truly showing everyone we are truly a breed of of one kind.  (Jul 20, 2007 | post #1)

Calhoun, LA


You know I read the first part of the sentence "The village is designed to bring families and communities together around the holiday season". What about the rest of the year? We tell ourselves and others that children are our future, well I think our future is worth more than a mere $7,500.00 in grant money and around the holiday season. There is 11 months left in the year, what are you doing with them during that time? Oh its not the holiday season so what? You put them on the back burner until its time to get them out worth the rest of the decorations?  (Jul 20, 2007 | post #1)

Calhoun, LA

Monitor our streets, not just departments

I think that our beloved Ouachita Parish Police Jury needs to sit their selves down and really take a long hard look at how they are wasting our money. 1st off I applaud the fire department, after having funds in their budge taken away a year and a half ago, they are really trying to keep with in their means of spending. They are trying to get an outdated fleet of vehicles and equipment updated with out any cost to us as a community. As well as trying to protect and serve a community that would not survive without their services or the people who are there for us. I think that the Police Jury needs to spend their time more wisely and figure out how to stop taxing the community for every little thing they feel as though they have a right to pass the buck onto us. Someone should really be monitor these people who definitely do not have a clue as how to run a community. What the fire department has actually learned how to live with in its means and you have a problem with that? Well if so you really should look at your selves and take a lesson in living with in your own means and keep your noses on the end of your own faces and not in the places that it has NO business being in. For goodness sake you still have other things you could be doing as a positive influence for us. Getting rid of all of the crime for one thing would be a good start. Also you should really evaluate what PROTECT AND SERVE means to the community as a whole. You are failing at it miserably.  (Jul 20, 2007 | post #1)

Calhoun, LA

OPSO arrest man for smoking pot with juveniles

I sincerely hope he gets put into prison for his actions. Where was his mind? Oh thats right, under the influence. I have a question for the parents who have the 4 kids this guy was smoking pot with, do you know where your kids are NOW? See this is my point about the no spanking thing. Parents it means you can not spank them not to go on vacation and just act like you have no parental duties. Did you even know where they were or did you finally figure it out when they were brought home by the police? HEY IDIOT, ITS A LITTLE LATE NOW TO WONDER WHERE THEY WERE. I think anyone who wants to have a child should have to pass a test. I am not sure what kind of test but it should include mental stability. To the parents of these kids: you flunked your job. And we as a society wonder(?) why kids are do this sort of thing? Parents wake up. YOU BROUGHT THEM INTO THIS WORLD YOU SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH RESPECT FOR YOURSELF TO HAVE SOME CONTROL OF THEM. I have to keep both of my dogs on leashes and it works well. Parents if you can not watch your kids put them on a leash.  (Jul 19, 2007 | post #1)

Calhoun, LA

Twins arrested on shoplifting charge

Well here we go with another wonderful example of no spanking. When I was growing up, as well as countless others of you out there. When we were growing up, we got our bottoms torn up for the smallest things. Remember? I do understand that the kids are on summer vacation. Are the parents on vacation without their children? If the parents are both working and can not be home with the kids who was watching them? Can not blame this on the school, its summer vacation. No school. Where is the idiot who made it illegal to spank your kids? What were you thinking? To many children now a days are getting into trouble some much more serious than this. I hav e agereat idea the idiot who said its illegal to spank our kids should have all of these trouble makers setn to their house and you fix it without spanking. Its no wonder why children today do what they want. They have no fear of the kbelt or no respect for their parents because some idiot made it possible for them to do exactly what they want to do. And to think about it: we voted for that idiot to be in office. WHAT W3ERE WE AS A NATION THINKING?  (Jul 19, 2007 | post #1)

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