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Dec 6, 2011

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Pain Clinics In NW FLorida, Meet in Person to make a deal

blueberry also claimed he was out of money for his pharmacy eight days ago. Be careful with this person! Check his/her other posts!  (Dec 15, 2011 | post #13)

Pain Clinics In NW FLorida, Meet in Person to make a deal

Hi Catman. I'm here in Fort Walton and just got back from a trip to Orlando for NOTHING! Do you have any suggestions for someone closer or at least a ure thing? Thanks  (Dec 13, 2011 | post #11)

Orlando Pain Management Clinic

Dr. Carrozzella is the Doc there. The website is orlandopainmanagem . Bad news all the way around. I'm sorry to hear they did so many others like they did me. Hope the best for you this holiday season!  (Dec 13, 2011 | post #4)

Orlando Pain Management Clinic

OrlandoPainManagme ntClinic is a complete waste of time! They advertise for new clients because the old ones don't come back! -Doctor was very rude and was more interested in why I came to see him from the northern part of the state then he was in diagnosing my condition. -After 4 hours of expensive tests I was given hydrocode. I went there with a RX history and this is all the doctor would give. 2nd visit I drove half way (4 hrs) when they called and confirmed my appointment for the NEXT DAY! Needless to say orlandopainmanagme ntclinic was a complete waste of my time!  (Dec 13, 2011 | post #1)

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Ft. Walton Beach Sprayglo

My father went to spray glow to get his truck repainted. To make a long story short, the price was cheap, but you get what you pay for. Runs in the rear near the decal they did not take resonsibilty for, the missed the mirros compleetetly, and they called him to pick it up when it wasn't even ready. If I were you I would invest more and get a better quality paint job. Wish you the best!  (Dec 6, 2011 | post #4)

Fort Walton Beach, FL

looking into matbe moving to Niceville.

Hey man. I live in Fort Walton Beach which is adjacent to Niceville. The highschool is great, it has an excellent ROTC program, and thier football team isn't bad either. Living expenses vary of course, but last month my electric bill was about $120, water was about $70, rent usually ranges from $650 to $2000 per mo. You can get a well-kept place for yourself and perhaps another for about $750 per mo.  (Dec 6, 2011 | post #2)

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Prove there's a god.

No scripture here, because I don't believe in everthing that the bible teaches (I don't think it's okay to sell my 1st born into slavery, etc...) Wherever we came from we know that just as we were given( or evolved) arms and legs we also obtained the abilty to reason. Check out Thomas Aquinas' "Unmoved mover" theory, and Anslem's Ontilogical Argument; very intersting stuff. I know it's easy to just think something doesnt' exist simply because we have no proof yet. But until I mentioned it, did you have proof that my nephew existed? How about planet the discovery of plantary glaxexies? Would it be accurate for you to say "I have not seen other galexies so they do not exist" or would it be more accurate for you to say "I don't know if other galxies exists or not?"  (Dec 6, 2011 | post #404337)