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Feb 12, 2010

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Reading, PA

Caring Matters Home Care

Caring Matters Continues to Spread Reach of Care The Caring Matters Home Care concept is based on a ten year old philosophy of “Caring Comes First” when dealing in the home care industry. When Russell and Linda Piper founded the Caring Matters organization, they knew in a short time period that they had something special. So much of the home care industry had moved towards a “corporatized” business that operated without feelings. Having spent decades in the nursing field, both Russell and Linda had spent countless hours taking care of patients and dealing with very personal and deep family issues. They understood that in order for this business to be successful, caring had to be at the core of the services offered. When Caring Matters was founded, this principle was what drove the organization and was critical in the company’s mission. No one could have suspected how successful Caring Matters would become over the next ten years. Today, the organization is based in Reading, Pennsylvania with a corporate office staff of 35 professionals who oversee a team of almost 300 caregivers serving the Eastern Pennsylvania market. In 2011, Caring Matters has experienced phenomenal growth through franchising. The senior care industry has always been a mainstay in the franchise marketplace. When Caring Matters made the decision to franchise the concept and offer franchises to new partners, there was a significant amount of competition in the In-Home Care marketplace. As Caring Matters had done on the consumer side of the business through a focus on care, the same philosophy was incorporated in the franchise opportunity. Again, the results have been fantastic as Caring Matters has signed on five new franchise partners throughout the Eastern United States. These new Caring Matters franchise partners have shown the same commitment to care and as having the core philosophy of delivering premium quality service to each and every client every time. With the growth of the Caring Matters franchise comes the increased reach of service delivery throughout the Eastern United States and eventually the entire country. For more information on the Caring Matters Home Care franchise, visit the corporate site: www.CaringMattersH  (Aug 18, 2011 | post #1)

Woodridge, IL

Review: M C Property Management

I would rate MC Property Management a 3 out of 10. They are not very good...but who in this field is? It seems like cell phone companies - service is always an afterthought.  (May 16, 2011 | post #16)

Atlanta, GA

Mosquito Terminators is Creating a Buzz

Why is Mosquito Terminators Making Such an Impact? As a professional in today’s market, everyone has to be thinking about what tomorrow brings for them and fits into their preferred lifestyle. We have been on a serious roller coaster over the past three years and with that we as workers have experienced layoffs, credit crises, foreclosures and the impending increases in taxes and inflation that seems to be written on the wall everywhere you turn. More and more people are choosing to work in a position that they enjoy and deciding to make career decisions based on lifestyle choices. The job market is still very slow and looks to continue that way for some time. People are in many cases looking at franchises or business opportunities to show them how to manage the treacherous waters of being a first time entrepreneur. It is for these reasons that Mosquito Terminators has had such an astonishing growth curve over the past year. The business is very simple, help families and people keep annoying mosquito’s out of their yard so that they can enjoy their lives and yards. Mosquito Terminators offers an affordable service through either a monthly barrier spray or a permanent in-ground installation spraying system. Mosquito Terminators has done so well over the past year that the company has begun to branch out into new markets through a franchise program. By franchising, Mosquito Terminators is able to offer valuable services to families and homes in more markets, more places and through additional partners who can deliver top quality services. The Mosquito Terminators brand is growing quickly with the addition of six new franchise partners in 2011. Franchisees have joined Mosquito Terminators because the seasonality of the business, profitability of the services and the value that is offered to customers. Mosquito Terminators offers a full time income opportunity to potential franchisees with only a seasonal work commitment. The lifestyle benefits of a Mosquito Terminators combined with the financial opportunity has a large group of entrepreneurs joining the growing system. Starting a new business is many times the most freeing and empowering thing that someone can do. Exploring franchises and business opportunities is always a recommendation for people who have never run their own business before. Mosquito Terminators has designed a business model and an operating system that provides a unique opportunity to new entrepreneurs. For additional information and discussions regarding franchise opportunities, visit the corporate website: www.MosquitoTermin  (Mar 24, 2011 | post #1)

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PHWS International Starting Off 2011 Strong

PHWS International Starting 2011 Off Strong PHWS has started the year off with a strong start. Builders around the country have dealt with a difficult housing market and overall weak economy. The organization has signed agreements with several high-profile builder organizations in California and North Carolina. With an increasingly aware sense of management costs and a focus on economies within their businesses, PHWS suite of services have proven to be even more valuable today. PHWS provides customer care to homeowners in addition to Third Party Warranty management. The homeowners are happy and comfortable that specialists who know and understand the trade of warranty management and focus on caring for their needs while the builders are confident and able to focus attention on other value add areas of their business. PHWS essentially becomes and extension of the builder’s organization, servicing clients many times even with builder’s logos and uniforms one, the PHWS team provides a builder with a qualified and experienced workforce, without the accompanying overhead. In today’s market, builders need every competitive advantage they can find. PHWS delivers exactly that, a competitive advantage that benefits the builder, homeowner and bottom line of an organization. In most cases, PHWS has the ability to offer cost savings to a builder when compared to managing customer care in-house. This is done through a leveraged system that PHWS has used for over 13 years in providing customer care in addition to industry leading technology that PHWS has invested in over several years time. PHWS looks at builder clients like partners. Together, the two organizations work in tandem and leverage each other’s skill sets and focus on areas of expertise. By segmenting responsibilities and building on a range of talents, a mutually successful and beneficial relationship can be developed in a very short time. For more information on PHWS, please visit the corporate site:  (Feb 16, 2011 | post #1)

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Franchise Consulants - Franchise Development

Franchise Growth in 2010 Were you a Part of It? 2010 has been a great year for franchising, Franchise Marketing Systems Clients have sold 97 franchises in 2010. Franchisees have benefited from great business models while franchisors have been able to open locations in new markets. Skilled and talented professionals have joined the franchise industry in droves this year with the depleted job market. Forward thinking business owners have taken advantage of a market where assets are cheap and competition is weak. Franchising provides a lower risk alternative for new entrepreneurs in starting their own business with guidance and support from a franchisor. As a franchisor, franchise development allows organizations to expand quickly and efficiently with the help and partnering with new franchisees. http://www.franchi semarketingsystems .com/services/fran chises/ Franchise Marketing Systems Updates: • Restoration 1 - 9 Franchises in 2010. • Rollin To Go Restaurants - 1 Area Developer In 2010. • National Tax Credit - 24 Owner Operators in 2010. • Chick Pita Grill - 2 Franchises in 2010. • Ducerus College Planning - 14 Franchises in 2010. • Midway Tax Service - 15 Franchises in 2010. • Mosquito Terminators - 1 Franchise in 2010. Contact us today regarding investing in a franchise system or franchising your business, Franchise Marketing Systems provides free consultations and analysis. http://www.franchi semarketingsystems .com/contact/  (Dec 19, 2010 | post #1)

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PHWS at the IBS Show in Orlando, FL

PHWS Getting Ready for the International Builders Show PHWS is continuing to grow and provide builders with specialized solutions to manage customer care and third party warranty management. PHWS has managed builder customer care for almost fifteen years and serves clients from California to North Carolina and Pennsylvania. PHWS has exhibited at the International Builders Show every year consistently. The IBS show is considered the industry’s leading builder show in the United States and PHWS has considered this show along with others around the country to be critical elements of serving the builder community. Mr. Jason Wilson, CEO for PHWS commented, “Exhibiting at the International Builder Show each year allows PHWS to be in tune with the industry and connect with industry leaders. We feel that to be an industry leader, you have to be a part of industry trade meetings like the IBS.” PHWS will have members from the executive team in Los Angeles, California in attendance along with group members from Denver, Colorado, Raleigh, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. PHWS will have a booth at the show and will be in Orlando, Florida from January 12th to the 15th. PHWS is a full service provider for builder customer care and third party warranty management. For more information on PHWS services and the company, visit the corporate site,  (Dec 15, 2010 | post #1)

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Restoration 1 Franchise

Restoration 1 is Growing Restoration 1 has been in the water damage, fire restoration and mold remediation industries for the past five years. Over that time, the organization has created and redefined the process that organizations use for marketing and finding profitable client work in the restoration business. Restoration 1 was founded by Mr. Andor Kovacs using a marketing system based off experience in other service businesses used in over ten years in the field. The Restoration 1 franchise system is designed for fast, efficient and effective market penetration within the first month of business. This model is forward thinking, grassroots and unique in that it is based on a strong relationship network with potential referral partners within a territory. The aggressive and different marketing program has proven to be extremely competitive and in most cases has overcome stringent competition in most areas of the United States. The success of the Restoration 1 franchise program has mirrored the growth within the core business of the organization. Restoration 1 has sold 8 franchise territories in 2010 and looks to finish the year with a total of 11 new franchise territories sold. For more information on this exciting and growing business in Restoration 1, please visit the corporate website, www.Restoration1.c om  (Nov 27, 2010 | post #1)

Los Angeles, CA

PHWS Poised for Growth

PHWS is Poised for Growth The Third Party Warranty Service and Customer Care segment of homebuilding is continuing to show signs of strength during a difficult downturn in the housing market. PHWS is positioned for growth as the industry leader in this industry. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 16, 2010 – PHWS Poised For Growth 12 Nov 2010 PHWS poised to catch rebound in the Housing Market PHWS is the industry leader in builder customer care and third party warranty management. The firm has been working with builders and homeowners for almost 15 years and helps builders provide premium customer care services to their homeowners in an efficient and cost effective fashion. The current down turn in the housing market throughout the United States has builders and building professionals turning over new stones to find additional ways to save capital and improve the bottom line. PHWS has seen this increased need for builders outsourcing their customer care and warranty management. The large scale opportunity exists from the vantage point of PHWS expanding into new markets during the downturn in order to be ready for the recovery of the housing market. PHWS has opened two new offices in 2010, PHWS Mid Atlantic and PHWS North Carolina. The firm is also in discussions with building professionals in several states throughout the Western United States, closer to the PHWS corporate headquarters outside of Los Angeles. PHWS is now working through a franchise program that has a minimal upfront investment for the new additions to the PHWS team. The goal for PHWS is to open several new locations by the end of the year in order to be ready for the housing recovery over the coming years. PHWS franchisees should have a background in the building trade.� They need to understand and fully grasp the importance and relevance of builder customer care and third party warranty management and should be marketing and sales oriented individuals. For more information on the PHWS suite of services and the PHWS franchise program, please visit the corporate websites, # # # PHWS is the industry leader in third party warranty management and customer care. For almost fifteen years, PHWS has provided specialized solutions to builders to provide efficient and high-quality customer care and warranty management.  (Nov 17, 2010 | post #1)

Atlanta, GA

Franchise Consulting

Franchise Marketing Systems Clients Surpass Expectations in 2010 Franchise Marketing System’s clients have largely had an extremely efficient and successful year in franchise expansion. The Franchise Marketing Systems suite of clients have in total sold 76 franchises and business opportunities through September. Franchise Marketing Systems is the only full service franchise marketing and franchise sales organization in the U.S. With representatives on a national basis covering regions, the Franchise Marketing Systems team has the ability and resources needed for a new franchise model to expand efficiently and effectively. The Franchise Marketing System’s client group has included some new and growing franchise organizations in addition to more stable and mature distribution systems that were looking to expand into key markets. National Tax Credit, a business opportunity in the work opportunity tax industry, has sold 24 territories to owner operators and expanded on a national basis through 2010. Restoration 1, a water restoration franchise based in Miami, FL has sold 6 franchise territories, Ducerus College Planning Specialists in San Diego has opened 14 new franchise territories and Chick Pita Grill has opened the first franchise location for the growing Mediterranean food chain. PHWS, a third party home warranty solution provider has opened two new franchise territories to help deliver services on a national basis. Franchise Marketing Systems has recently had several new team members join the growing organization. Mr. Alan George, a franchise strategic planning specialist with a 25 year career in the franchise industry has joined Franchise Marketing Systems from his Boston, MA market. Ms. Christine Wilson, an entrepreneur of 20 years with a PHD and focus in marketing and sales work has also joined Franchise Marketing Systems with a focus in helping clients develop and implement successful franchise acquisition strategies. Mr. Carlos Ruiz has also joined the Franchise Marketing Systems group in Miami, FL. Mr. Ruiz brings a 20 year track record of success in the franchise industry as a broker and marketing consultant. Most recently, Mr. David Oakley has also become part of the organization. He brings a 15 year career in the franchise industry as a franchisee and area developer for several International franchise organizations. The organization prides itself on delivering high-quality customized franchise marketing services and franchise sales services at efficient costs. For more information on the Franchise Marketing Systems suite of services and how the company helps businesses expand through franchising, visit the FMS website, www.FranchiseMarke or call the main company line, (800) 610-0292.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #1)

Sacramento, CA

Renaissance Fine Consignment Franchise

Renaissance Fine Consignment® is now offering franchises to qualified partners. The Renaissance business model is based on over 40 years of operational experience in the retail field. With the Renaissance Fine Consignment® franchise you have the opportunity to build a very successful business using our expertise and knowledge in this unique and growing industry. Renaissance Fine Consignment® is an industry innovator for retail consignment and the Renaissance Franchise is the leader among retail franchises on the marketplace today. The Renaissance Fine Consignment® business model combines the best of all worlds, an exciting and fun retail business model without the need to worry about expensive inventory and high investment costs. Renaissance has literally created the PERFECT retail business model! By using the specific consigning process and pricing strategies, as a Renaissance Fine Consignment® team member, you will not need to invest in inventory and expensive trends…..the consigners help you manage what will sell and what you should carry. Mr. David Fletcher, the Chairman of RFC Development Corporation stated, “We are looking forward to the opportunity to help people realize their dream of owning and operating their own business. The Renaissance business model allows for a lower initial investment and great operating margins, it is a fun business to be in.” The Renaissance Fine Consignment® franchise team is in place and is dedicated to ensuring the success of the Renaissance Fine Consignment® franchisees. The Renaissance Fine Consignment® corporate team has a variety of backgrounds, including operations, real estate, marketing, public relations, human resources, purchasing and information technology. The Renaissance Fine Consignment® team specializes in helping franchisees during pre-opening, grand opening of stores and provides on-going support for franchise partners. For more information on the Renaissance Franchise, please visit the Renaissance Fine Consignment website: www.RenaissanceCor  (Sep 9, 2010 | post #1)

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Renaissance Fine Consignment Franchise

Renaissance Fine Consignment, founded in 1997, is dedicated to creating an unsurpassed shopping and consigning experience. Our concept is to bring to consignment shopping the same quality, service and sophistication found only in the finer boutiques of New York, Paris, London or Rome. Our dedication to detail and unprecedented customer service while presenting only the very finest in a wide variety of the latest fashions and accessories amid luxurious surroundings of fine art, antiques and beautiful music truly makes Renaissance a unique experience. In addition to many of the hot new trendy fashions available, many of our consignors shop around the world bringing us some of the most sought after couture and one of a kind designer pieces. In many instances we are the only local retailer to even carry such items.  (Sep 9, 2010 | post #1)

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Restoration 1 Franchise

Restoration 1 Miami, FL 8/25/2010 Restoration 1 would like to announce the addition of a new franchise partner for the growing organization. Mr. Dennis Smith and Lloyd Warren have recently joined the growing Restoration 1 team as Restoration 1 of Orlando. Mr. Smith brings a decorated career in corporate America with executive level positions held with several organizations. Mr. Warren is a veteran of the building and construction industry and has owned and operated a private business for the past 20 years. Together, the two partners bring an enormous amount of professional knowledge, ability and expertise to the Restoration 1 franchise organization. Restoration 1 is thrilled to have Mr. Smith and Mr. Warren join the organization which now is comprised of four different locations throughout Florida. CEO, Andor Kovacs was quoted as saying, “The Restoration 1 business model works, the franchise organization will depend on professional, driven people like Dennis and Lloyd, it is an honor to have them be part of our company.” The Restoration 1 business model is designed to market and generate new client jobs for the franchise owner operator. The existing locations have performed exceptionally well and have far outperformed the industry averages for sales and new client growth. Restoration 1 is currently recruiting franchisees on a nationwide basis. For more information on the Restoration 1 Franchise, please visit the corporate site: www.Restoration1.c om  (Aug 25, 2010 | post #1)

Los Angeles, CA

PHWS has the Answer!

PHWS Inc. Why Now? With the residential home sales market at all time lows, builders need to do more than ever before to keep inventory moving. One of the perks that a builder can offer homebuyers is a “bulked up” home warranty policy that covers more potential issues that could come after the home has been purchased. These might cover elements such as plumbing, heating, major appliances, air conditioning, pools spas or other items and work within the home itself. The policies are designed to give piece of mind to the buyers so they don’t have to pay for expensive repairs if and when they happen. Today, in the United States over half of the homes sold are done so with a home warranty. This trend seems to be increasing with the difficult residential housing market. Situation. With the increase in the number of home warranties being sold with homes, there comes an increased level of responsibility from the builders and the real estate developers who offer the warranty incentives. Many builders in the past years have handled the process of “Warranty Management” internally with their own staff and capital. When the building segment was growing by leaps and bounds, this was not a concern to invest in the infrastructure needed to handle these responsibilities. In today’s current market with home sales lagging, more and more builders are turning to an “outsourced” home warranty management option. One that lowers their costs substantially while providing an increased level of service and support to the homeowners and the warranties that were sold. The Answer. PHWS has spent over thirteen years in the warranty servicing business and has worked with hundreds of builders to service thousands of home warranties. Through a defined operating process, industry leading technology and a specialized focus on customer care and warranty management, PHWS provides a viable and efficient option for builders to manage the servicing and back-end work that comes with selling home warranties. The PHWS solution is a custom tailored model made to fit each client’s needs and requirements and service always over-delivers. For more information on PHWS, please visit the corporate site:  (Aug 21, 2010 | post #1)