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Jul 26, 2014

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Was 9/11 a conspiracy??

The provable conspiracy is that FEMA, PBS, Guiliani & Silverstein concealed treason by misrepresenting the core structure of the tower to the public and NIST. conc/fema_deceptio n.html A full disclosure regarding the above entities was made to the US district court in Los Angeles in 2010 pursuant to Title 18, part I, chapter 115, ยง2382. psych/9-11title_18 .disclosure.html That page has all evidence of the 38 page filing hyperlinked from the text. The presiding judge and lead hatchet judge promptly concealed treason as can be seen in at these 2 links. psych/9-11title_18 .civreassign.html psych/9-11title_18 .civreasign1.html  (Aug 14, 2014 | post #277966)

Rochester, NY

Fuccillo ads ruining TV

A corporate conspiracy if I ever saw one. Corporate web site wants more profit, puts more ads on its pages. Corporate computer manufacturers love it because now everyone needs a faster computer, which they sell. Manufacturers start software development for web 2.0 and forum software companies to sell more ads. Profitable circularity.  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #7)

Erectile Dysfunction

Great idea for Forum, but all the spam BS ads are ruining...

The ads actually interfered with a reply and I almost lost it. Page locked up, another page replaced it in my efforts to get my post text back and active in the window. This is ridiculous.  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #3)

Utica, NY

Pop up ads have ruined topix

Yes, how many ads can one page have? This is ridiculous!  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #14)

Columbus, OH

Are these side pop out ads ruining Topix?

Web 2.0 and corporate greed is ruining EVEN the non free speech web sites. This site is a serious pain in the butt. Someone fix it quick!  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #30)

Santa Barbara, CA

Elliot Rodger murders: fathers of gunman, victim to take ...

True enough. The issue is mental health. Psychology is deeply negligent for a reason. http://santabarbar ol/4577757323.html Government prevented them from developing treatment direct to the unconscious mind which is responsible for extreme violence, and a lot more. Most of what we do in fact.  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #70)

Santa Barbara, CA

Sierra 2301 Markee Winkler

My sincere apologies Grieving Mother. After what I've seen in Santa Barbara, when someone I care about dies in any type of mystery, I speculate. http://santabarbar ol/4577757323.html Who knows what lives might be saved by having thoughts such as those at the ready to evaluate information as it comes along? Thanks for identifying the LE that voiced speculation causing the the lack of a cause. My sincere condolences.  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #6)

Ted Nugent

Ranting rocker Ted Nugent brings his musical show to Ridg...

Refusing to serve in the empire army is American, if you know what that is. Few do. Since 1871 America has been run by infiltrators of the empire. Standing for the constitution of 1787 is perhaps what he is about. You might be surprised at how much rednecks know of important truths. Not to excuse mis information and racist attitudes, which often they WILL adjust if you have the courage to speak to them. Albeit, they are as subject to social constraints as all human beings, so a grain of salt is needed, if you are not speaking with them alone.  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #21)

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Prove there's a god.

Since science is not ready to examine where the proof of God resides, even if it was proved, the author of the OP could deny the proof. The fact that these facts presented to scientists that say they care, and God cares, so they should care enough to at least discuss where the proof of God resides, but they have not responded. law/treasonresist/ ucs.html The proof of God resides in the human unconscious mind. We may even find that the collective unconscious proves that God exists, but science will not examine any of it. They will not even talk about it.  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #762204)

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Was 9/11 a conspiracy??

The truth movement was created by the perpetrators/infil trators of government in order to make a ridiculous attempt at proving demolition. Of course the information that the fake truth movement was to use, was fake. So their theories could never make any sense. FEMA misrepresented the structural core of the towers. Guiliani made that possible by taking the plans from the NYC depart of buildings a month or so after 9/11. psych/fema_decepti on.html The reason it took so long for a structural analysis is that the perp/infiltrators had to put together a group that was willing to work without plans and pretend to investigate collapse with "anecdotal evidence" testimony from FEMA engineers. Essenttally there are 2970 death certificates at the NYC coroners office with erroneous causes of death. THAT IS FOR SURE, and proven with the one link above. The AE911 truth group is lead by a fraud connected to drone development as well as the web site they depend on  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #275762)