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Apr 5, 2014

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Utica, NY

I-candies moves to Sangertown

This young talented creative woman, first time buisness owner & truly a story of faith and walking testamony has been an inspiration to my family and many of our fellow church members and we have all watched her grow and develop over the three years she has been in our lives... her buisness all started with a prophecy from a prophet that was in town about 8 months ago at another church... as a child her grandparents would take her to huge Christian revival meetings to meet prophets and missionaries from all over the world and they tell the story that she always said she wanted to be a missionary when she grew up..... she strayed away for a while as a teen and mixed with the wrong crowd but it was all learning expierance and growth and God has pulled his child back as a young woman now and has given her everything she needed to start her business because from it will start the missionary aspect of her life that God has called her to do.... God has provided every last penny needed to start her buisness...Bleecke r street was ruff but God pulled her out of The ghetto and put her in the mall... i-Candies may not be perfect in.anyones eyes and her taste for design or fashion may not be your cup of tea but just know that God opened this door for her so that she can one day become a missionary and do more than sell clothing... she will be giving food and clothes to thousands!!! God has planted a seed and thats something none of you can uproot, destroy, sabatoge, defect, or cause harm to...and while satan is working threw your mouth to spread negativity about her and her buisness... God is protecting her and uplifting her and carrying her on her way to fufilling the prophecies and dreams!!!!!! Praise To God Almighty for he is so great in his works and wonders!!!! This woman will one day be of such significance to so many lives.... You people should support young women that are productive, creative, smart, driven and dedicated to Christ!! Dont try to drag down people you dont know.... because u never know who your target is.... in this case is innocent and is under the wing of our.Great God Almighty!!! Let him spare those who do not know what they are doing by putting her down.... and those who willing know, may God take care of them.... if you dont want bad brought upon your own life then take yourself away from speaking negativity against her and her business and seek Christ to help with your problems because you obviously have them and know absolutely nothing about this woman!!!!  (Apr 5, 2014 | post #18)