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Oct 8, 2008

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Joe Longthorne

Joe Longthorne's comeback concert

Joe is appearing in the West End in September, 18th September at the Leicester Square Theatre, "A Man and His Music" for one night only, tickets on sale now. Also a gala show at Crystal Palace Football Club on Friday 27th May, tickets on sale now. For full details see FACEBOOK " THE OFFICIAL JOE LONGTHORNE FRIENDSHIP CLUB" for all the latest info.  (Mar 10, 2011 | post #71)

Joe Longthorne

Joe Longthorne's comeback concert

Joe Longthorne- what a man! There is no finer singer around than Joe, he stamps his name firmly on every song he sings.This year so far I have seen Joe eight times on tour,and no - i'm not mad,sad or stupid! For the price of a ticket you get an evening watching a true genius at work! This man is truely a world class entertainer and would easily stand alongside Sinatra,Bennett, Davis etc on the same stage.Every show I've seen has been amazing. Joe has been on top form every time, being on stage for at least an hour and a half on each occasion once more than 2 hours, and I've sat and listened to the most amazing repertoire of songs,impressions and piano playing and it's been a different show every time,no set routine for Mr Longthorne as we know! The most important thing for me is that Joe is always LIVE, and he has a great band/orchestra behind him who are all excellent musicians. Personally,it has given me deep great joy to see that Joe has looked much better and stronger on stage this year to last,it is a testament to his great courage and determination after fighting back from his bone marrow transplant three years ago. I would like to suggest that anyone new to Joe who wants to hear more of what he is singing now should get a copy of his new CD "You and Me",19 tracks all of them true gems,from his great version of "September in the Rain", through "Smile" and "Shadow of Your Smile", awesome versions of the Sinatra songs "Let Me Try Again" and "Cycles" and a very soulful version of "You'll Never Find Another Love", something for everyone.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #68)

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