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May 10, 2010

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Bergen County, NJ

jealous tenafly, nj ex-housewife. serial bully!

ADULT BULLYING IN TENAFLY, N.J.: JEALOUS EX-HOUSEWIFE & HER BOYFRIEND DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO DESTROY FAMILY! Well, there is another and even bigger more dangerous bullying that is happening in TENAFLY and it is BULLYING FROM A JEALOUS EX WIFE ("Annette ") towards her Ex-Husband ("John") and his live in girlfriend! That would be me. You can call me "Cassy". Listen to what we have had to endure from this woman and her boyfriend. For me, I have been dealing with her harassments for 2 years now while her ex-husband, almost 3 years and it gets worse by the day. What to do when your quality of life is jepardized and threatened?? I moved this family to Tenafly almost 1 year ago thinking I was helping us by all being together in a close proximity of one another. By mid-2013 or as soon as I can, I will move us out. The purpose of this blog is so neighbors and friends of the families can read the truth about what is really going on with the divorce of this family. I am tired of "Annette " spreading her lies and deceit on the neighborhood and I am here to set the story straight as best I can and with complete honesty. "Annette " wants everyone to feel bad for her and to perceive her, the victim. She is a Con Artist and a Bully and I don't say this lightly. FOR THE FULL STORY, FACTS AND DETAILS OF WHAT WE HAVE HAD TO ENDURE FROM THIS PERSON, PLEASE GO TO www.tenaflymomouto fcontrol.wordpress .com  (Jun 17, 2012 | post #1)