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Oct 7, 2012

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About John Bradley Associates

Source: http://www.johnbra uk/about-us.html What we do? We listen, understand and advise. Then, with safety and quality as our watchwords, we design and specify the ideal solution to match your individual requirements, however complex. We are familiar with all aspects of the planning process, including the complexities of Listed Building applications, work in Conservation Areas, the Building Regulations and the Party Wall Act. We can also advise on sourcing of a suitable and reliable builder. How do we do it? We ensure that each project that we undertake is treated with the same attention to detail, regardless of scale. We understand the need to relate and respond to residential clients on an individual basis while working on what is usually the Client’s most valued and valuable possession, whilst providing carefully considered and site sensitive solutions. All of the practices’ work is overseen by one of the directors. Why we do it? We are good communicators, proactive throughout the duration of a project; in the design stage, on site and post-contract. We are adaptable, allowing us to fulfil every project whatever its scale. Team David Edwards BA(Hons) Arch, Dip Arch, RIBA Chartered Architect Bruce Frizzell Jeremy Swift BA(Hons) Arch Dan Hemming HND Building Practice History 1976 - 2008 2008 heralded the start of a new chapter in the company’s history when David Edwards and Bruce Frizzell agreed to take over the full control of the company. John Bradley Associates Ltd was born, the aim was to build upon the excellent client relationship that had amassed over the years and also to drive the company forward through investment in new technology. JBA Ltd is now a sister company to David Edwards Partnership which is based in North Worcester and has the ability to draw upon the wealth of knowledge and experience from this Practice. The Partnership is a RIBA Chartered Practice and is regulated both by the RIBA and the Architects Registration Board. Investment in new technology, working methods and staff has ensured the retention of clients. In addition, new synergies have been formed with local companies to create symbiotic relationships where we collaborate on diverse projects. Within the Practices, we have the ability to scan up to A0, print in black & white or colour up to A1 and we also have the ability to provide 3D prints of virtual models. The aim is to become a multidisciplinary Practice to service Warwickshire and the Cotswolds and expansion in to other areas is under consideration. Readmore: http://www.johnbra uk/  (Oct 29, 2013 | post #1)

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Govt anbefaler nedlæggelse af tabsgivende STCL Source: http://www.thehind industry-and-econo my/govt-recommends -winding-up-of-los s-making-stcl/arti cle4756317.ece Regeringen har anbefalet likvidation af tabsgivende krydderier Trading Corporation Ltd (STCL) siger virksomheden har lidt af Rs 1,208 crore massive ansvar på grund af svig og det kan ikke genoplives. Tab af Bangalore-baseret STCL, et helejet datterselskab af State Trading Corporation of India, steg til Rs 271 crore i 2012-13, fra Rs 235 crore i det foregående regnskabsår. "Ministry of Commerce, administrative ministeriet af STCL, har sagt, STCL er ud over turnaround, som det har været udsat for massiv forpligtelser som følge af svig og har dystre udsigter til fremtidig indkomst," sagde en tjenestemand. "Også, holdingselskabet ikke ønsker at finansiere i enhver form, som dens ansvar er begrænset til sine indbetalte kapital," sagde han og tilføjede derfor, gennemførelsen af turnaround-plan er ikke mulig uden ankommer til et forlig med långivere og den eneste mulighed, før det er at likvidere selskabet. For at øge omsætningen og rentabilitet, begyndte STCL grossistvirksomhed handel (tredje land eksporterer) i 2005-06 gennem forretningsforbind else. Den fidus, som fandt sted i 2008, der er involveret passing off jernmalm skrot som nikkel og kobber skrot. I øjeblikket er virksomhedens aktiviteter begrænset til udførelse kardemomme auktioner, ingen indvending udstedercertifikat til eksportører af løg som et canalising agentur og sælger rå-og hjælpestoffer (f.eks. gødningsstoffer og pesticider) til avlere. "Commerce ministeriet er af den opfattelse, at STCL bestyrelse ikke modsætte sig likvidation andragende indgivet af bank/kreditor, " sagt officielt. Desuden drøftede i bestyrelsen for genopbygning af offentlige virksomheder (BRPSE) sagen om virksomheden. "Det var også af den samme opfattelse, at virksomheden bør være forpustet op. Det bør give frivillig adskillelse ordning (VSS) 53 medarbejdere fra sine egne ressourcer og hvis STC fundet egnede, det kan absorbere nogle af ansatte,"sagt officielt. Related Article: http://rocky-samue 3142150582-Spanish -Italian-Bonds-Sli de-under-signs-of- political-risk.htm l Related Forum: .uk/topic/london-s afe-forward-planni ng-international-b radley-associates- news-economy Related PPT: http://www.slidesh /bradley-associate s-5-sprgsml-bede-o m-at-undg-arbejde- hjemme-svindel  (May 28, 2013 | post #1)

Hong Kong takes measures to stimulate economic growth

http://www.straits -news/money/story/ hong-kong-takes-st eps-stimulate-econ omic-growth-201302 27 HONG KONG - Hong Kong prend des mesures pour stimuler la croissance économique tout en concoctera des édulcorants, comme l'économie a progressé de 1,4 % seulement l'an dernier - la plus lente depuis la récession de 2009. Alors qu'une reprise modeste est sur les cartes - le PIB devrait pour croître entre 1,5 et 3,5 % cette année, Financial Secrétaire John Tsang brossé un tableau des temps difficiles pour la ville, aux prises avec un environnement externe « instable » dans l'année à venir et le vieillissement de la population à long terme. Une série de mesures fournira une aide immédiate pour les personnes âgées, les familles et les étudiants. HK$ 56 milliards (S 9,04 milliards$) seront dépensés sur la protection sociale - allocations pour l'ancien, l'exonération des rentes publiques et de subventions de l'électricité. Un autre morceau majeur - HK$ 63 milliards - ira à l'éducation, y compris une injection de HK$ 15 milliards dans un fonds de formation pour aider les moins qualifiés et les chômeurs de se déplacent sur et vers le haut de l'échelle des emplois. Read More: http://www.shelfar 8/about roups/159354  (Feb 27, 2013 | post #1)

Zug-Arounds passieren zu, bradley associates hong kong

http://blog.financ ialsolutions-bradl p/zug-arounds-pass ieren-zu/ We’ve heard the ole “Shit happens” mantra many times. Recent history has been a chorus of “shit happens” that has echoed from around the world. Over the past couple years, Bradley Associates also heard of Murphy’s law. And we’ve heard the “that’s typical.” We’ve had our share of black swans, too. The media have circulated these messages almost continuously for nearly a decade. (Actually, a heck of a lot longer than that.) As much as it’s true that shit happens, good shit happens, too. Turn-arounds are possible. In fact, with every bad day, they become more probable. If you’ve faced tough times, just remember that. Turn-arounds can happen in a few different categories. National Turn-arounds The country’s economy — and maybe even the entire world economy — can improve. This is a national economy. How will this help you? Well, it’s the “every boat rises in a tide” theory. If the country’s economy improves there’s a better chance of your own personal financial situation turning around. But, you don’t have to wait for the country to turn-around. Personal Turn-arounds You can engineer your own turn-around. Although, you may struggle more in an economic malaise, it doesn’t mean that you can’t advance your money situation. In fact, there’s probably a reason that most of the great fortunes and the great companies were created during economic hard times. Struggle sharpens the intellect and hardens the will. Spiritual Turn-arounds Your economic reality is only one facet of your reality. This realization means that you can thrive even when your bank account or your investment accounts aren’t. Health, family, friends, and creative endeavors are far more important that a recession.  (Oct 7, 2012 | post #1)