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Apr 9, 2013

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can we start a thread about heroind stamops in philly

good luck with it notmyname ive just gone 5days and just passed a movement i could only describe as a "red hot bowling ball" there was a moment when i considerd calling for my girlfriend to get an ambulance!!!!!!!!! !lol  (May 3, 2013 | post #1904)

looking for H

hang on that name rings a bell! kingsley! hmmmm might be a smell of pork here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Apr 29, 2013 | post #14)

looking for H

im in ashford if u need pm me  (Apr 29, 2013 | post #13)

how many vals can you munch on a good day ?

thanks it was a gr8 day untill the pigs came cost me 90quid in the end though i was well gutted when i wokeup in the nick.  (Apr 24, 2013 | post #115)

how many vals can you munch on a good day ?

chewd 25blues 4 cans of tennants super and smoked sum brown and got rudely awoken by the filth streched out in the middle of town and then the c**t nicked me on a public order charge!!!!!!!!!!!  (Apr 22, 2013 | post #57)

can we start a thread about heroind stamops in philly

thank you mcee that does clear it up thanks so yea u guys are getting the real macoy nice one and yea give me the #4 anyday as well and you are getting it realy cheep we pay about £80-£100 stirling a g for the #4. some of u guys have got some big habbits then if your doing 3-4 g's of #4 fucking hell i wouldnt like that cold turky when it comes! thanks for the info.  (Apr 22, 2013 | post #1710)

Oxycodone M box, and Hydrocodone, first class shipping. S...

your busted mate amsterdam my arse holland have a excellent private and social/state health care system and these meds that are on offer are available all over the country either ligit or under the counter and considering amsterdam is the drug capital of europe i hardley think a amsterdam resident needs to go on the web to get this stuff.i also read a reply from some one supposedly from belgium saying this was ligit.why when he can nip over the border(no passport or id needed freedom of movement across all european union borders)no matter were u r in belgium, holland(netherlands)never more than an hour away!!!scaaaaaammmmmmeeeerrrrrrrrr.  (Apr 21, 2013 | post #237)

can we start a thread about heroind stamops in philly

hi i've been reading this thread with gr8 interest.and from what i read ur gear over there either seems to be of low quality or your deals are very small! i dont wish to offend anyone but what the fuck is it with all the brand names? it seems to me that there seems to be a lot ov grovey names added to low quality gear. i read about people doing 3 or 4 bags and raving about how good the stuff is!how big are your bags over there? over here in england we just call it brown because it comes in brown powder form or in hard brown blocks. and we pay£15-£20 for o.3/0.4g bags and it mainly comes from pakistan/afganistan/turky.the other night i had to give my buddy a naloxone shot because he O.D on 1/2 a bag!from time to time we get lucky and get no4 china white but not for a very long time!please dont think im showing off or trying to put u guys down i might of got the wrong end of the stick about what ur saying.  (Apr 21, 2013 | post #1686)