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Jan 4, 2013

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Help me/ advised

you gotta tell somebody bro, you are gonna need all the support you can get. the only thing you will lose is your life eventually if you keep this a secret much longer. hey, things happen. i would respect someone a lot more if they were honest with me. just sayin. hang in will pass.  (Jan 8, 2013 | post #23)

Help me/ advised

yea. move to colorado.  (Jan 7, 2013 | post #20)

Help me/ advised

good for you! SO glad to hear it. remember what this feels like and NEVER touch the shit again. the next time, it'll be way worse, trust me. now go have a life buddy! enjoy!  (Jan 7, 2013 | post #17)

Help me/ advised

never heard of kratom...but v won't help for long. know ten people who got hooked on v after coming off h and booze. yeah, i agree with this other fellow...aa is too jesus-y. not my thing. hot baths. friends help. drink lots of tea, that will help with the poops and sweats. take care. you are stronger than this.  (Jan 6, 2013 | post #10)

Help me/ advised

just fight through it. it will pass. you shouldn't be alone right now. stay busy. you can do it. i did and lived.  (Jan 6, 2013 | post #8)

Help me/ advised

oh, and the flu is likely just withdrawal. it'll pass.  (Jan 6, 2013 | post #5)

Help me/ advised

Just fight through it and get off them for good. Don't replace one thing with'll never work. The only thing that works is cold turkey and getting into therapy with a good support system...keeping the toxic enablers away. surround yourself with the people who love you and start a new, happy life. make amends. be honest. you don't need this crap. take it from me. it's the devil. too expensive too. it'll ruin your life. the hardest part is when you are off though, being tempted to come back. just don't do it. every time you feel an urge, go for a long walk. call a friend. you can do it! best of luck to you, and enjoy the new year with a fresh start!  (Jan 6, 2013 | post #4)

oxy 30's f2f philly area.

f2f today in downingtown  (Jan 4, 2013 | post #45)