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Aug 29, 2013

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Longview, TX

Fisherman's Market

Ok folks, don't get me wrong..... I have loved FM, but this past weekend my husband and I stopped in and shared the fisherman's combo. We each had a cup of gumbo, as well as a glass of tea. The whole thing cost $38.00 not including a tip. Mind you we shared a plate. And while the sticker shock was bad...we both suffered food poisoning from what we think was the stuffed crab and stuffed shrimp. It didn't look quite fresh Since we shared the meal, I know it was the cause of the illness. We were sick for 3 days, with stomach pain, and eventually diarrhea. Bad stuff. I know they have remodeled and are needing to pay for that, but good God, I didn't want to pay for it by myself...... Again I say we've been eating there for at least 20 years a few times a year. But in our minds something's changed. It seemed to be over staffed for the time of day (which may account for the increase in menu prices?) and I do know restaurants save food to keep costs down(again,too many employees) I just want folks to think twice before you overpay for small portions that may come with a hidden price to pay. Be careful if you eat there unless you are filthy rich, and don't mind food poisoning.  (Aug 29, 2013 | post #1)