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Apr 17, 2012

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Was 9/11 a conspiracy??

Of course it was a conspiracy. Every piece of evidence that has come out to prove against the US has not been covered by the corporate, mainstream media. Instead, people are dazzled by the likes of http://www.elitech Folks are so easily distracted nowadays that they can't see their own futures being compromised.  (Apr 17, 2012 | post #225099)

Chicago, IL

Review: Elite Chicago Limo.

I've used them a couple of times. Good service and they are cheaper than most limos in Chicago. Since the listing doesn't have a website, I thought I'd do it justice and give it one. http://www.elitech Chicago Limo, Limo in Chicago, Limousine in Chicago, Chicago Party Bus  (Apr 17, 2012 | post #1)