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Dec 2, 2007

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Minimed Insulin Pump Supplies

Recently upgraded to Medtronic's new Paradigm insulin pump. I have boxes of 43" Silhouette infusion sets (MMT-371) and 3.0ml resevoirs (MMT-103) that work with the 507/508 pumps. I also have some supplies that are past expiration but are still fine to use (I have used supplies more than 1 year past expiration date). Medtronic charges $116/box for 10 complete infusion sets and $33/box for 10 resevoirs. I am selling infusion sets for $25/box (10 per box) and resevoirs for $10/box (24 per box). You pay shipping, but I only charge what the post office charges. This is a great deal for those without insurance!!  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #1)