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Jun 19, 2008

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How are lithuanian men?

I am currently dating a lithuanian man. I am half black and asian this is the first European man I've dated. He is very secretive, aggressive, distant at times and doesn't like when I ask too many questions . I know he is not married I just need to know if this is the way most Lithuanian man are he's been in the states almost 10 years. I am not too sure if he is into me or if that is his culture or his lack of English skills. He is 33. He not like violent agressive. But, communication skills are low because of the language barrier. Not big on affection either. He always says things like that's American Ways. I want to be cautious not to offend his culture. He is a really successful business man so his guarded ways could also be a form of trying to ween out gold diggers. I just really will like to know from other people who are lithuanian or have had PERSONAL experiences with lithuanian about how they are. I should say his agression is more sexual than anything.  (Jun 19, 2008 | post #1)