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Aug 10, 2013

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Berkeley, CA

An alternative to Lavabit, Hushmail and SilentMail

Since Lavabit and Silent mail are both shutting down (and perhaps Hushmail eventually), maybe it's time to think about alternatives. ChiaraMail offers products and services that enable users to maintain complete control of any e-mail they send indefinitely. This includes the ability to change an e-mail after sending it, a high level of e-mail security without the use of encryption, protection from mail address spoofing, sending and viewing ephemeral messages (messages that disappear a few seconds after the recipient has viewed them), sending attachments of virtually unlimited size without severely impacting your recipients' inboxes and more. The products are free and so is the service for the first 10 MB. Download an extension for Thunderbird or Outlook at http://localhost:8 084/download_exten sion.html or, if you have an Android device, ECSMail from Google Play at https://play.googl ...randroid&hl =en.  (Aug 10, 2013 | post #1)