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Nov 25, 2013

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Introduce Automatic Glass Sliding Door

Nowadays, most of the people prefer using the door which is automated. If your door is automatic it will be easy for you to access this door without exerting more efforts. If you are a person who is always in hurry it will be great to use automatic glass sliding door. It is usually use by the commercial buildings and in industrial applications. Its transparency makes your business more elegant. The exterior beauty of your house or of your business will be enhanced. Automatic glass sliding door opener(http://www. /automatic-glass-s liding-door/) will give you advantages because of its automatic operation. It is frameless, because of its glass design you will assure that it will operate smoothly and quietly. It is available up to 76” of opening width. You can usually see this at the exclusive hotels and buildings. There automatic glass sliding door with 7-16 foot units widths, 2 to four panel designs, you can also choose the door which is appropriate in your business whether it is bi-parting, single doors and telescoping doors. It is made of stainless clad, anodized aluminum, or even painted finishes. You are free to choose if you like the narrow one, wide and medium configurations and also the type of glass that you want to make your business appear elegant. This will automatically open for the user and automatically closed after using. This door is heavy-duty operator and it can assure you that it has high security-locking, it is smart lock, it has also option board that is enhanced by the manufacturer, an integrated UPS system, digital encoding and warning alarms that will warned you if there is any problem in the operation. The clients are really satisfied because of this automatic glass sliding door because it is easy to access. This innovation the result of the advancement of the technology is really cost-friendly. The benefits that you can get are priceless. If you are looking for reliable doors automatic glass sliding door will be one of your best options to meet your expectations and standards that you want. Investing in this kind of door will not give you any regrets. You will not be the one who can the benefits from this but also to your clienteles that will surely appreciate this device that you provided for their comfort and safety as well. Try this door and experience the things that the technology can offer and do for you.  (May 16, 2014 | post #1)

Utica, NY

how many people will install an automatic door in your home?

Door opener that is automatic has the power to convert your life easier especially for persons who are using scooter or wheelchair. Reaching for the handles of the door and getting your wheelchair to move slowly or your scooter t be able to get the appropriate angle to be able to open the door is definitely time-consuming and really hard for disable persons to accomplish. The convenience that home automatic door operators(http://w ww.autodoorschina. com/) provides is the best answer to this dilemma.  (Jan 17, 2014 | post #1)

Utica, NY

What is Home Automation ?

Home automation is the residential extension of building automation. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity.The classification of home automation is as follows: 1.Security system(http://www. /) 2.Home theater 3.Wireless home audio system 4.central vacuum system control system 6.climate control 7.Home networking 8.Programmable thermostat 9.Energy management system 10.Motorized drape Home automation refers to the use of computer and information technology to control home appliances and features (such as windows or lighting). Systems can range from simple remote control of lighting through to complex computer/micro-con troller based networks with varying degrees of intelligence and automation. Home automation is adopted for reasons of ease, security and energy efficiency.  (Dec 30, 2013 | post #1)

St. Marys, GA

What's the advantage of an automatic door?

Automatic doors is more and more popular in modern society.It is widely used in shopping malls ,office buildings,hotels and homes etc.What's the advantages of an automatic door?In other words,why the automatic door is so popular now? The main advantages is shown as below: • Size. Sliding doors installed in most businesses may range between eight and ten feet in height, and sixteen and forty feet in width. These forms of doors provide a bigger doorway, which makes it easy to bring large items through, including some pieces of furniture. Since they slide on the rail, they don't have the unusual hinges you may find from hinged doors. Another great advantage of its size is versatility. • Transparency. Since most sliding doors are made up of glass, you will then be able to view what is going on outside your establishment. In this case, you will be more than aware of the things happening outdoors. In addition to this, such kind of doors makes most establishments look vibrant, bright and big. • Energy Efficiency. One of the most striking from the advantage of power commercial sliding doors is its energy efficiency. An electric sliding door operator often comes with a screen from which it prevents the access of harmful insects from the outside. At the same time, it enables the sounds, breezes, and scents outside to transverse. • Space. Since these doors are sliding, they don't need extra space for you to swing them open. Hence, they tend to occupy lesser space as compared to hinged doors. That is why the space that surrounds the sliding doors could be utilized for any other pieces. • Eco-friendly. Most of the crafted hinged doors are made up of wood, which should be crafted from trees. However, commercial sliding doors are built up from vinyl, glass and metal, so they don't usually require wood construction. This tends to conserve resources from nature, which makes it an eco-friendly product. http://www.olideau antages-of-power-c ommercial-sliding- doors/ http://www.olideau ges-of-automatic-s lim-sliding-doors/  (Nov 25, 2013 | post #1)