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Sep 20, 2012

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Siloam Springs, AR

Nuclear Power - Siloam Springs, AR

The Final Solution of Energy Issue. I believe the final solution of energy issue is the gas of hydrogen and oxygen. There are three reasons that support my idea. 1st the temperature of flames of these two gases is as high as 3,200 c degree. Such temperature can replace most of the fossil and nuclear energy drove engines. So in next generation our cars, trains, boats and even airplanes may take such energy. 2nd currently, all the clean energy have a big problem that they can’t be stored properly. That is to say either the solar energy or wind energy can’t be introduced into the normal electricity network, for the productivity rate can’t match the consuming rate. But after we transform all the solar energy and wind energy into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis water, then all these problems are solved. We don’t need any equipment beside the normal tank to store energy, for these two gases are energy themselves. 3rd the product of H&O flame is pure water. It can be drink, and no pollution. With this energy reform, we don’t need nuclear power and fossil energy any more. I have talking about this issue on: http://www.debatep nment-and-climate- issues/136453-fina l-solution-energy- issue.html  (Sep 21, 2012 | post #3)