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Dec 28, 2013

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Ouija Board Misuse Help

Before one reads this, please keep in mind I'm well aware of the mistakes we made. I am not seeking any commentary on whether or not we should have used the board or any commentary about misusing the board. I am asking because I need advice and need to know what to do from here. A few nights ago three friends and I used a Ouija board for the first time. Admittedly, we did not know enough about what we were doing and the more I researched after the more embarrassed and concerned I was to realize this. When we began we sat on the floor, lit a few white candles and turned off the lights, had a Johnny Cash record playing, and were drinking ciders. Nothing happened. We then moved to the kitchen table. Two of us were convinced this was real and something would happen, one was unsure, and one was quite skeptical. We turned off the record. Also, there was a dog and cat with us the entire time. The dog whimpered once early on but no other signs of concern were shown. So back to the kitchen-we asked a few questions that were yes or no or that only we would know the answer to. The first time it worked was when I asked what is the name of my sister's friend who died in the military at which point it moved off the board towards the yes corner. Then the skeptical friend asked what is her mother's maiden name and it moved to the first letter. At this point we were all a little spooked so we took a break and went outside for a cigarette. When we came back in, we moved to the living room coffee table. This is when things got strange. The four of us got too into our female side and basically turned it into mash, asking who we would marry and how old we would be when we died, something I now realize is a waste of time to ask. At one point the board spells out B-E-P-S and shortly after we heard a beep of a smoke alarm. We turned on the lights and came to find the room we were in only had the wiring for one but no working smoke alarm though out sounded close enough to have been in the room. We began to get scared. We also began to get a bit feisty and would demand it finish spelling a word, something I also now know one should not do. We asked it's name more than once in the evening but it only ever spent consonants and never answered this question. Later it spelt F-I-B-S and one girl thought this meant it was lying. We asked if it had been lying this whole time and it said yes. It also moved around the board a lot towards the end. At this point one girl said keep the lights on ( this was not long after the beep and we turned the lights on). Then we asked if we were asking too many questions and it said yes. Then we apologized. At this point the board spelt N-O-L-I-G-H-T. This is where we ended our session and flipped both the board and planchette over. My question is how should we proceed from here? We did not say a blessing before we began and we did not close or clean the board by saying goodbye. I realize we did not use the board well. Is there something we can and should do to make sure that no malevolent entity has gotten through and that it is not following any of us? Also, what do these events imply that we spoke to? Please only thoughtful and knowledgeable responses. Thank you!  (Dec 28, 2013 | post #1)