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Mar 12, 2013

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Ole Miss upsets No. 13 Florida 66-63 for SEC title

was born in Drakesboro, Kentucky, on April 15, 1940. Moved to West Virginia in 1945 where daddy's brother got him a job in the coal mines. No television at that time. Daddy, mama, and I listened to Kentucky basketball on WHAS, Louisville, radio. Been a UK fan all my life. During the 1971-72 school year I was teaching at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington. During the NCAA tournament I called long distance to New York and ask for the nearest city near Pullman which would be bringing the UK game. A lady gave me a city in Oregon. I drove nearly 7 hours to Oregon to watch the game. When I arrived in Oregon I went into a furniture store and ask a lady if she would mind if I watched a basketball game on her television set. She replied, "No, I don't mind. Sit in that easy chair and watch the game." I sat in the easy chair anxiously awaiting the game. When the game came on I discovered the lady in New York was wrong. The Kentucky game wasn't on. I got back in my old 1964 Valiant and drove back to Washington. I won't repeat the words I was thinking during the drive. This year I have been very disappointed in coach Cal. I coached basketball while serving as School Psychologist in Ohio. I can't understand why coach Cal played Polson, Mays, and Harrow, while Jon Hood, Kentucky Mr. Basketball, rode the bench. Polson, Mays, and Harrow are average on offense and that's stretching it some. They are below average on defense. Jon Hood is better than Polson, Mays, and Harrow on offense, defense, rebounding, passing, and handling the ball. Yet he rode the bench. I voiced my displeasure after just about each game in The Lexington Herald. Recently the LH stopped my commenting by requiring me to buy a subscription before I could post. It will be a cold day in hell before I buy a subscription to the Herald. My heart goes out to the residents of Madisonville for the way your native son was treated this year. Dr. Charles "Bob" Parker Fort Pierce, Florida  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #1)