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Apr 8, 2014

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Asheville, NC

At MSNBC G.O.P women are bunch of horrible sexist pigs.

https://www.youtub MhFvak0  (Nov 8, 2014 | post #1)

Asheville, NC

Maryland Mother Fighting Common Core’s Standardized Testing

Maryland mother is fed up with Common Core and its standardized testing, and she is doing something about it. Cindy Rose, a mother of two children in the Frederick County Public School system, has opted her daughter out of the standardized testing and is in the process of trying to opt out her son. Rose says that her daughter, a seventh grader with an anxiety disorder, would be under unnecessary and avoidable stress if she were forced to take the high-pressure, six hour assessment. When she first told the school district that her daughter would not be taking the tests, they were not going to let her daughter come to school at all, even during the times when the students would be in class and not in testing. She ended up filing an injunction, and the school let her daughter back in. Rose also wants to opt her son, a fourth grader with special needs, out of the testing; but the school is not allowing her to do so at this time. She cannot understand why the school would allow her to take her daughter out of testing, but not her son, even though he “has the abilities of a six to 18-month-old depending on what you’re trying to get him to do. He still (wears) diapers. He can’t walk. He can’t communicate. They want him to analyze bar graphs and draw pictures. He can’t do any of that.” The state allows teachers to condition special needs students to the point where they can get the testing results they are looking for, but Rose says the “test is abusive to special needs children.” What many don’t realize is that the Maryland State Department of Education cannot legally force a child to take a test, and they cannot refuse to let a child come to school because they have refused the test. “Parents,” Rose assures, “have a right to refuse without consequences.” Read more at http://www.western yland-mother-fight ing-com...  (Nov 8, 2014 | post #1)

Asheville, NC

Liberal Pundit says Hillary is their ONLY Option for 2016

f presumptive Democratic 2016 front-runner Hillary Clinton decides not to run, at least one party strategist and CNN contributor thinks the Democrats' presidential bench isn't that deep. "No one," said Paul Begala, a longtime Clinton ally, when asked by CNN's Jake Tapper if there were other party leaders who could lead the party in 2016. "No one." While Republicans have a full bench of presidential hopefuls, Begala, who worked for President Bill Clinton and was an early Hillary Clinton supporter in 2008, said Clinton is the Democrats' best and perhaps only hope to capture the White House in 2016. "It's not fair," Begala said. "There are impressive people who I think could be good presidents, but they don't have I think the electoral prospects that Hillary does." Vice President Joe Biden has said he'll consider a run for the presidency after sitting in the No. 2 spot for six years, and parts of the party's progressive wing is clamoring for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run. CNN political commentator Van Jones, who served in the Obama administration, said Clinton hasn't yet proven that she can excite the Democratic base. "We have to have a nominee that can excite our base and I don't know if Hillary Clinton can do that," Jones said. "I know one person can, it's Elizabeth Warren." While Clinton was a favorite surrogate for Democrats running in the midterms, Warren also took her high-energy persona and populist message on the campaign trail. Warren has said earlier this year that she "hopes" Clinton will seekthe presidency and she was reportedly one of all sitting Democratic female Senators who signed a letter last year urging Clinton to run. Amid the speculation, Clinton has sought to make nice, praisingWarren on the stump in Massachusetts as "a passionate champion for working people and middle class families." Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick have also been floated as potential contenders. But their prospects might have dimmed after the Democratic candidates to succeed them in both states lost their bids in blue state upsets. http://edition.cnn .com/2014/11/06/po litics/begala-clin ton-201...  (Nov 8, 2014 | post #1)

Asheville, NC

MSNBC Old, White Southern People who Vote GOP ‘are Going ...

https://www.youtub JYpv2ko  (Nov 8, 2014 | post #1)

Asheville, NC

Common Core Not State Led – Here’s Proof

Supporters of Common Core love claiming Common Core is a state led initiative. Proponents of the scheme will instantly label anyone who says otherwise a conspiracy nut and fit them for a tin foil hat. Jeb Bush recently called opponents of Common Core the Black Helicopter bunch. Obama’s Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan took a different tack, calling opponents of the plan White Suburban Soccer Moms upset because their kid wasn’t as smart as they thought. Regardless of how they try phrase the answers.. one thing is now certain. Bush, Duncan and the rest are not being honest with the American People about Common Core. Two weeks ago Gretchen from the Missouri Education Watchdog sent me a link to a website that was talking about The 2nd Annual MENA Common Core Conference.. In Dubai.. The Conference is being sponsored by Middle East North Africa Common Core. MENA seems to be closely affiliated with Know.Do.Serve.Lear n (KDSL). According to their website, KDSL offers Global Educational Collaboration Services and the mission is: to partner with education organizations worldwide in order to increase student achievement, teacher knowledge, and education leadership. Anyway, about the conference: On October 24th and 25th hundreds of education professionals and scholars from the Middle East, North Africa and America will gather in Dubai for a symposium on implementing Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in regional American curriculum schools. The goal of this annual conference is to inform education professionals aboutimplementing the CCSS in English Language Arts and Mathematics in their schools. The conference also seeks to empower teachers to increase the academic success of their students, showcase exceptional CCSS aligned classroom resources and connect CCSS educators across the Middle East and North Africa. Last years conference, the first of its kind, attracted over 300 attendees from 7 countries and 23 speakers. This year’s conference will exceed those numbers Read All Off: The 2nd Annual MENA Common Core Conference. Hmm, Does that mean we now know Obama found the extra 7 states he campaigned in? Come to think of it if you recall his Cairo Speech he did talk about linking American and Middle East Classrooms. Anyway, several of us, Danette Clark, Sara Noble, Missouri Education Watchdog, along with Grumpy contributors Little Tboca. Lady Impact Ohio, Puma, Sarge and myself decided to dig a little deeper.. and publish what we found the day the Dubai Conference started. We found more than any of us expected.. It’s hard to know where to start.. Back in 2002 the US Department of Education, with help from Bill Gates (Microsoft Corp), Steve Jobs (Apple), AOL Time Warner, Dell Computer. Cable in the Classrooms, Cisco Systems and the National Education set up an organization called; Partnership for 21st Century Skills or for short. I originally found from a link on the teachUNICEF website.. Yep UNICEF is still part of the United Nations The link was titled: Have you seen the Partnership for 21st Century Skills’ new report on Global Education? Among other things I found on the site were articles titled A Framework For State Action on Global Education and P21 has embarked on a year long project to redefine and reimagine 21st century citizenship, So we have what appears to be a Non Government Organization, set up by some huge corporations and the US Department of Education to promote something that sounds a whole lot like Common Core on a Global Scale.. http://www.redstat tboca/2014/10/24/c ommon-core-state-l ed-heres-proof/  (Nov 8, 2014 | post #1)

Asheville, NC

It's the Darwin crowd that lacks the facts in evolution d...

Evolution and Atheism Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist. ~ Richard Dawkins, Rules of atheism "Science ": Rule #1 God is IRRELEVANT Rule #2 If God is relevant, see Rule #1 Rule #3 If God might be relevant, see Rule #1 Theists will consider natural causes. Atheists will ONLY consider natural causes. Theism posits an eternal mind followed by contingent matter. Atheism posits matter followed by contingent minds. Although I am a keen advocate of freedom of opinion in all questions, it seems to me (rightly or wrongly) that direct arguments against Christianity and Theism hardly have any effect on the public; and that freedom of thought will best be promoted by that gradual enlightening of human understanding which follows the progress of science. I have therefore always avoided writing about religion and have confined myself to science. Possibly I have been too strongly influenced by the thought of the concern it might cause some members of my family, if in any way I lent my support to direct attacks on religion. ~ Charles Darwin Darwin did more to secularize the Western world than any other single thinker in history. ~ Niles Eldredge Evolution is the greatest engine of atheism ever invented. ~ William Provine see also: Fark Evolutionism needs atheism needs evolutionism needs atheism needs evolutionism. Garbage in: Garbage out. evolution.htm#athe ism  (Nov 8, 2014 | post #141170)

Porterville, CA

Progressives" Common Core's Dirtiest Trick: Dividing Pare...

(progressives) have always been interested in taking the family down.The collective is the goal, so one thing is public schools and creating a big divide between children and their parents with every opportunity.Histor y revised, attitudes revised, old moral stuff out, new lifestyle stuff in.So this essay is on how Common Core is intentionally different.It puts the teachers, the indoctrinators in charge–and eliminates parental influence, it even makes parents more than just fuddy duddies, it makes them incompetent in scholarly activities.Down with the old, up with the new, revolution, hope and change.John Dewey would be proud When you look back at New Math (ca. 1965) and Reform Math (ca. 1990), one of the most striking and persistent features was that parents could not understand the homework their children brought home. Mystified parents were trying to advise mystified children. The parents, presumably the wise members of the society, were helpless to say anything useful when confronted by the weird complexities of “reform” math, which has now been rolled forward into Common Core. Here is a commonplace horror story that can stand in for millions of others: “When Mike and Camille Chudzinski tried to help their son with his homework earlier this fall, they were bewildered. The fourth-grader brought home no spelling lists, few textbooks, and a whole new approach to solving math problems. When he tackled multi-digit addition, for instance, Patrick did not just line up the two numbers and then add the columns, as his parents had been taught to do. Instead, he sketched out a graph with a series of arrows and marks that appeared at first to his parents as indecipherable as hieroglyphics.” When we hear these stories, we typically focus on the comical oddity of adults not being able to do homework intended for children. How is that even possible? But the ramifications are anything but funny. The real damage is that Reform Math opens up fractures throughout society. Parents are cut off from their children. Parents and schools are pitted against each other. Students are alienated from their teachers and schools. Sociologist James Coleman said that the most important thing in successful education is what he called "social capital." Ideally, parents, kids, schools, and community are on the same page, working toward the same goals. In this way the children feel they are doing appropriate and necessary things. Energy is used to complete tasks, not to debate the merits of the tasks. Imagine the situation in Reform Math when parents can’t do even elementary problems in arithmetic. Adults are angry; children are stressed. Parents have conferences with teachers, and they complain later in front of the children that the teachers couldn’t give them any satisfactory answers. All of this tension and hostility adds up to the perfect excuse for the child to lose interest in math, and in school generally. We hear lots of stories about children who are miserable at school. We shouldn’t be surprised. In short, Reform Math is bad not just because it doesn’t teach math; it’s bad because it’s a society-wrecker. This is Common Core’s dirtiest trick. Professor Michael Toscano writes, “Educational success is also dependent upon closure between families and their schools. In the case of the CCSS, little real ‘social capital’ exists between parents and schools, because the standards were adopted out of the reach of parents and because they will remain out of their reach. This is a crucial mistake. Education must be a common good that emanates from the relations of families in a community.” The divide between parents and children is a far more critical issue than many imagined. The proper priority is that homework should be specifically designed to bring parents and children together. Common Core seems cunningly designed to do the opposite. That’s the main reason it must be defeated. http://www.america 04/common_cores_di rtiest_...  (Apr 16, 2014 | post #1)

Porterville, CA

California Proposition 19: the Marijuana Legalization Ini...

A small study of marijuana users yielded some potentially troubling results, with researchers claiming that marijuana consumption might have a profound impact on the parts of the brain that process decision-making, emotional assessment, addiction and the processing of rewards. This means — at least based on this particular study’s findings — that weed holds the potential to alter the volume, shape and density of essential structures in the brain. “Just casual use appears to create changes in the brain in areas you don’t want to change,” said study co-author Dr. Hans Breiter, a psychiatrist mathematician at Northwestern University. http://www.theblaz /04/15/what-does-m arijuana-do-to-a-u sers-brain-new-stu dy-reveals-potenti ally-troubling-res ults/  (Apr 16, 2014 | post #17088)

Porterville, CA

Federal Agencies Poised to Go After Tea Party Groups as ...

New documents show that ex-IRS official Lois Lerner inquired about the possibility of the Department 0f Justice taking action against organizations that “lied” about their political activity, adding yet another dimension to the agency’s targeting of conservative groups. Were Other Federal Agencies Poised to Go After Tea Party Groups as Well? In this May 22, 2013 file photo, Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner refuses to answer questions as the House Oversight Committee holds a hearing to investigate the extra scrutiny the IRS gave Tea Party and other conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) Lerner, then the head of the IRS’ tax-exempt organizations division, relayed a conversation she had with Richard Pilger, director of the Justice Department’s elections crimes branch, in an email to the chief of staff for then-acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller, according to documents obtained by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act. The discussion of prosecution was prompted by a request from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) during a Senate Judiciary Committee. “He [Pilger] wanted to know who at IRS the DOJ folk s [sic] could talk to about Sen. Whitehouse idea at the hearing that DOJ could piece together false statement cases about applicants who ‘lied’ on their 1024s –saying they weren’t planning on doing political activity, and then turning around and making large visible political expenditures,” Lerner wrote to Nikole Flax on May 8, 2013. “DOJ is feeling like it needs to respond, but want to talk to the right folks at IRS to see whether there are impediments from our side and what, if any damage this might do to IRS programs.” She added, “I told him that sounded like we might need several folks from IRS.” Flax replied the next day: “I think we should do it – also need to include CI [Criminal Investigation Division], which we can help coordinate. Also, we need to reach out to [the Federal Election Commission]. Does it make sense to consider including them in this or keep it separate?” Lerner contacted Senior Technical Advisor Nancy Marks about scheduling a meeting with IRS and DOJ officials, and opted to let the Justice Department decide whether to involve the FEC. It was on May 10, 2013, during a speech in front of the American Bar Association that Lerner first admitted to the improper targeting of conservative groups, which was done to pre-empt the damaging report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration on May 14. http://www.theblaz /04/16/were-other- federal-agencies-p oised-to-go-after- tea-party-groups-a s-well/  (Apr 16, 2014 | post #1)


Majority of Arizona Republicans: We Want John McCain Gone...

Send this Left Winger packing Although Arizona Senator John McCain hasn't officially announced he'll be seeking another term, recent comments and a glitzy fundraiser in New York City indicate he'll be putting himself up for re-election. But according to a new statewide poll conducted by Citizens United Political Victory Fund, the vast majority of Arizona Republicans aren't so keen on McCain staying in office. Arizona Senator John McCain confronts a very challenging primary landscape should he decide to run for a sixth term in 2016. Although his job approval-disapprov al rating among Republicans statewide is evenly split, and his image is slightly underwater (47.7% favorable, 51.4% unfavorable), it is the fact that Republican Primary voters in Arizona are over twice as likely to elect “a new person” (64.2%) than they are to re-elect McCain (29.3%) that spells trouble. This is not simply “trouble with the Tea Party” or “far-right angst.” Senator McCain struggles at various levels with Republicans across the ideological spectrum, as shown in the Appendix (Tea Party Republicans, Strong, Republicans, Not-so-strong Republicans and Independents). In addition, the poll detailed potential primary match-ups between Governor Jan Brewer, Rep. Matt Salmon, Rep. David Schweikert and McCain. At this point, McCain would lose to all three. Senator McCain also loses to every Republican tested in head-to-head primary balloting. In separate questions, Arizona Republicans prefer both current Governor Jan Brewer (47.7%-29.0%) and Fifth District Representative Matt Salmon (48.2%-30.3%) by double-digit margins. Sixth U.S. District Representative David Schweikert also bests McCain on the Primary ballot (40.1%-33.9%), albeit by a narrower spread. Late last year when asked about whether he would seek another term in office, McCain said he didn't want to "be one of these old guys that should’ve shoved off.” m/tipsheet/katiepa vlich/2014/04/15/m ajority-of-arizona ns-we-want-john-mc cain-gone-in-2016- n1824878?utm_sourc e=thdailypm&ut m_medium=email &utm_campaign= nl_pm  (Apr 15, 2014 | post #1)


Ted Cruz Presents Top Excuses the IRS Won't Accept From You

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is having some fun on this fine tax day by exposing the double standard between people who work at the IRS and taxpayers who must comply with the rules and regulations of the agency. Today marks $1.4 trillion in tax payments from the American people. Uncle Sam’s haul this year is going to be enormous, estimated at $1.4 trillion from individual taxpayers alone. What does all that buy you? Well, an estimated $427 billion will be needed just to pay interest on existing federal debts. Keep working America! The government is depending on you. m/tipsheet/katiepa vlich/2014/04/15/t ed-cruz-presents-t op-10-excuses-the- irs-wont-accept-fr om-you-n1824838?ut m_source=thdailypm &utm_medium=em ail&utm_campai gn=nl_pm  (Apr 15, 2014 | post #1)


Wendy Davis losing big among Texas women?

Texas women prefer Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott to self-styled feminist Democratic hopeful Wendy Davis, according to a new survey from a left-leaning polling firm. According to a new Public Policy Polling survey, Davis’ favorability rating is upside down with women, while Abbott is right side up. Thirty-two percent of women view Davis favorably, while 46 percent view her unfavorably, and 22 percent were not sure. But 35 percent of women viewed Abbott favorably, and only 27 percent said they viewed him unfavorably. Thirty-eight percent weren’t sure. Abbott also took 49 percent of the female vote in a head-to-head matchup, compared to 41 percent for Davis, with 11 percent unsure. Abbott is also leading Davis among men, 53 percent to 32 percent. PPP’s survey of 559 registered voters from April 10 – 13 has a margin of error of +/- 4.1 percentage points. Overall, it found Abbott with a comfortable 14-point lead over Davis, 51 percent to 37 percent. “Women get exhausted with women candidates who say they are pro-woman and then run on issues that real women don’t say are most important to them,” Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway told The Daily Caller. She added that this is another indication that the Democrats’ “war on women” narrative has run its course. Read more: http://dailycaller .com/2014/04/15/sh ock-poll-wendy-dav is-losing-big-amon g-texas-women/#ixz z2yzFZzS3M  (Apr 15, 2014 | post #1)


Racism drives, 'animates' Republican base

L.M.A.O at Liberal, blaming other for all thing that your fault, so they talk about liberal hate for blacks; The NEGRO PROJECT: Margaret Sanger's EUGENIC Plan for Black America The aim of the program was to restrict–many believe exterminate–the black population. Under the pretense of "better health" and "family planning," Sanger cleverly implemented her plan. What’s more shocking is Sanger’s beguilement of black America’s créme de la créme–those prominent, well educated and well-to-do–into executing her scheme. Some within the black elite saw birth control as a means to attain economic empowerment, elevate the race and garner the respect of whites. The Negro Project has had lasting repercussions in the black community: "We have become victims of genocide by our own hands," cried Hunter at the "Say So" march. Malthusian Eugenics Margaret Sanger aligned herself with the eugenicists whose ideology prevailed in the early 20th century. Eugenicists strongly espoused racial supremacy and "purity" ," particularly of the "Aryan" race. Eugenicists hoped to purify the bloodlines and improve the race by encouraging the "fit" to reproduce and the "unfit" to restrict their reproduction. They sought to contain the "inferior " races through segregation, sterilization, birth control and abortion. Abortion and Contraception Key Tools in Black Genocide: Planned Parenthood and similar groups have been using abortion and artificial contraception to control and reduce the African-American population of the US in a slow but deliberate and planned "genocide " that has been ongoing for 150 years, a new documentary claims. The recently released documentary, "Maafa 21," produced by Life Dynamics Incorporated, the Texas-based pro-life investigative group, traces the history of the contraception and abortion industry from its origins in the racist eugenics movement of the early 20th century that un-apologetically targeted the black population and other groups it regarded as inferior. Planned Parenthood was targeted by Civil Rights movement activists in the 1960s and '70s for its involvement in a "black genocide" that had its origins in the early days of the eugenics movement in the 19th century. The film points out that since 1973, legalised abortion has been specifically aimed at the African-American population and has killed more than "cancer, diabetes, heart disease and gang violence combined." "Every week, more blacks die in American abortion clinics than were killed in the entire Vietnam War. And the largest chain of abortion clinics in the United States is operated by Planned Parenthood." It quotes Frederick Osborn, a founding member of the American Eugenics Society, who said in 1973, "Birth control and abortion are turning out to be the great eugenic advances of our time." Eugenics, Population Control, Racism, Birth Control - Abortion The principal manifestations of eugenics are racism and abortion. Eugenics is the driving force behind euthanasia, in vitro fertilization, and embryo and fetal research. It is the driving force in global population policy, and affects American foreign policy. It is the force driving much of the environmentalist movement, welfare policy and welfare reform, and health care. It is found in anthropology, sociology, psychology all the social sciences. Eugenics is the study of methods to improve the human race by controlling reproduction. The word was coined in 1883 by Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin. Galton believed that the proper evolution of the human race was thwarted by philanthropic outreach to the poor when such efforts encouraged them to bear more children. Charity upset the mechanism of natural selection. Hence, the human race needed a kind of artificial selection: eugenics http://www.emmeric m  (Apr 15, 2014 | post #34)

Asheville, NC

It's the Darwin crowd that lacks the facts in evolution d...

Biblical Creationary Model for the Universe and Life on Earth A common complaint of atheists is that creationists attack standard models of evolution, but provide no viable alternate model. The purpose of this page is to provide just that - a creationary, scientific model for the universe and life within it. The writings of the Bible provide enough information to form a thorough and complete creationary model for the reality of the universe and human existence. This model has predictive value and can be tested against the known physical characteristics of the universe and life on Earth. Purpose The creationary model is being presented because the standard, naturalistic models have failed in several areas of scientific research. For example, there is no testable naturalistic model for the cause of the universe. In fact, the laws of physics demand that there is no way that we can interact with anything outside of our universe. Other areas that defy naturalistic explanation include the origin of life, the Cambrian explosion, and the origin of human consciousness. Progress is possible in these three areas, but it is unlikely that any naturalistic theory will fully explain key steps required for each process to proceed. It is my contention that none of these processes have a naturalistic origin, and, in fact, are logically impossible, given the laws of physics that operate in our universe. I believe that science will be able to completely rule out all naturalistic origin of life models at some time in the future. Biblical Model of Origins The Bible describes the creation of the universe, the earth, and life on it. The Bible also describes the laws that govern the universe and its ultimate fate. The Order of Creation According to the Bible 1.Creation of the entire physical universe (matter,1 energy,2 space3 and time4) from the invisible (16 x 109 years ago).5 This creation event includes an expanding universe,6 which continues to expand at this time.6 2.Preparation of planet earth for the creation of life. The Bible describes the Earth's initial conditions following its creation when the Sun is already shining. The Bible also says that the Earth is controlled by the heavens and not the other way around (geocentrism is refuted).7 The original Earth is described as being without any oceans or water at all (4.5 x 109 years ago).8 Science tells us that the Earth's water probably came from cometary collisions that were common during the early history of the Solar System.9 The main biblical creation account (Genesis 1) begins after the formation of the Earth's oceans with a description of the Earth as a water-covered planet covered by dense clouds (4.0 x 109 years ago).10 3.The dense atmosphere is partially cleared so that light can strike the surface of the earth. (3.9 x 109 years ago). 4.Formation of a stable water cycle (3.9 x 109 years ago).11 5.Formation of continents, including an accurate description of the tectonic activity that produced the continents (2.7 x 109 years ago)12 6.Creation of plants on the land and their subsequent "production by the land," possibly including some naturalistic processes (0.9 x 109 years ago).13 7.Transformation of the atmosphere from translucent transparent as the Sun, Moon, and stars show through the atmosphere. (0.9-0.6 x 109 years ago) 8.Creation of swarms of small sea animals and their subsequent "great increase" or "teeming by the water" (consistent with the Cambrian explosion) possibly involving some naturalistic processes. (0.5-0.3 x 109 years ago)14 9.Creation of birds (140-60 x 106 years ago)15 10.Creation of sea mammals (60-50 x 106 years ago)16 11.Creation of land mammals that interact with humans (30-15 x 106 years ago)17 a.creeping land mammals (e.g., rodents) b.large quadruped land mammals (e.g., cattle) c.wild land mammals (e.g., carnivores) 12.Creation of modern humans (100-50 x 103 years ago)18 http://www.godands tics/model.html  (Apr 15, 2014 | post #129089)