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Does anyone know this fat pig?  (Feb 19, 2013 | post #1)

scammer alert read now scammer on the loose

What are you talking about? Are you drunk? And I didn't scam anyone if by scam you mean take their money and give them nothing in return. But losers like him rob people for a living and its not even to feed themselves or pay rent its to support their monster dope habit. He goes by a bunch of different names and has scammed too many people and trust me I completed the task I set out to do and that was piss him off and make him sit around waiting for money that was never gonna show up just like he makes people sit around waiting on tracking numbers or packages that are never gonna come.I have his texts and he tried to claim in an email that he never went to walmart which is a lie because he was there bugging that sh*t out of me to hurry and send the moneygram before noon and the he was back at walmart a second time because I didn't send it on his lunch break I wouldn't be surprised if you are not him I hear from a few other people that not only do you change your name as soon as you get busted you are known to change your location too So nice try John Mullen aka Ryanfreemanrx aka [email protected] aka POS SCAMMER You really are quite pathetic And how did you scam me? I wasn't stupid enough to send you money but as I recall you sure did try to convince me to You were at the UPS store ready to ship and everything lol The goal was to give a few of us a good laugh at your expense and it did so mission accomplished I bet you had your dealer waiting to didn't you? You seriously thought you were getting my $300 and of course now you are going to act like you were on to me the whole time but we both know you weren't You were probably getting those pre-dope stomach cramps and sweats just thinking about doing $300 worth of dope for free I understand that you are a little butt hurt over the whole ordeal but I don't really care I think you are a waste of space Someone else could be breathing the air you are wasting that's all buddy. So say whatever you want Pretend to be whoever you want but we both know that you were fooled and Thanks truly from the bottom of our hearts for the good laugh and for helping kill some time on a boring day Oh wait see I was nice I said thank you I will say Thank you again for not only being so easy to reverse scam but for being so dumb that it only takes about a minute or two to know what you all What a pathetic life you must lead I just couldn't imagine being so worthless and useless to the human race.Anyways enough about you You are just not important enough for me to miss out on one minute of sleep to talk about you. Go take your weak ass game some place else LOSER You will just keep getting called out here and try not to be a cry baby and post something else under another made up name Atleast me a man with some balls and use one of your many made up names that we know hahaha Oh man Ive had enough fun for one day But the facts are the facts you are a scammer that got caught trying to scam and I have the email where you were bragging about being a scammer So dumb Go to hell dude. Go somewhere just now here  (Feb 9, 2013 | post #5)

I found someone real!! finally

Yes Big time scammer Just look everyone go look at my posts and threads They pretty much all about this POS scammer We scammed him right back though The full story and details are in another thread But ryanfreemanrx, John Mullen and [email protected] are all the same person and he is a loser scammer If you go and read the thread Funny story of a scammer that got scammed you will get all the details of his bullsh*t little lies and desperate attempts to rip people off He is just a useless desperate junkie that can't support his own habit because his dealer won't take food stamps for crack or pills anymore so he decided he would try to scam people out of their money on here but we are quickly shutting his little operation down I also have a email directly from him where he admits that he is a scammer and laughs about all the money he has stolen He sent that email after he figured out that I reversed scammed him LOL He was acting like a little sissy brat and just copped to being the POS scammer that he is only he seriously acted like he was proud of it WEll I don't think it was an act He is proud to be a nobody gutter junkie with no life at all If you have to rob people to get by then You don't deserve the to breath our air He is too stupid to realize that people are just gonna keep catching on to his act because he is literally so dumb that he can't figure out how we know its him every time no matter how many times he changes names But I don't want to type another book but look under a bunch of my threads to read up on this nasty no good gutter junkie POS scammer and if anyone wants to see the email let me know IF anyone reads about him and is still stupid enough to send him anything then I will laugh at you for getting scammed because you deserve it  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #4)

Funny story about a scammer getting scammed!!!!

Ok guys so since you followed the story of the scammer that got scammed there is more breaking news that literally just happened I already posted the full story pretty much but Im about to post some more stuff that just happened but basically ryanfreemanrx the guy that possibly shit his pants at walmart lol and [email protected] are the same person I knew that he would use a different name once his scam was put on blast But get this he recently posted under the redsox name and his post was something about how he as been scammed a bunch and he finally found a legit seller and to email him and he would put you in contact with them Well I wanted to scam another scammer so I researched redsoxs email real quick and realized after reading some other threads that it was ryanfreemanrx The same guy I got LOL So I emailed him just to see if he would remember or not I acted like I was interested in his legit source which of course turned out to be him His first email asked me what I was looking for . He may or may not have know that I was the same girl that messed up his scamming game I didn't tell him I knew he was the same person so once again I named off all this crazy stuff that I wanted and once again he could get it all and at such great prices too LMAO I admit I was gonna have him somehow be waitng for cash again that I was never gonna send but before I could do get to that point He had went on topix and read my posts and replies to this thread that I started and he called me out Well if that's what you want to call it Remember too he still doesn't know that I know who he is So I played along for a minute and He cussed me out and said he wouldn't deal with me because I had posted about how I had some poor guy go all the way to walmart for nothing and he didn't want to deal with a person that did that to people. What he failed to mention was that the poor guy was him LOL Im laughing so hard im crying right now guys so sorry for the typos But he sent me a nasty email so I had to call him out and tell him that I knew exactly who he was and he wasn't fooling anybody And next thing I know He posted a thread about me saying not to sell to charger girl she is a joke or something like that Hilarious Huh? The funny thing is this I don't even do pills I don't want to sell any or buy any The only thing I do is Subs Period. And anybody can look and see any and all of my threads and I was scammed once for my money and that's all it took Ive been up front and honest about it all along too It was for subs and anyone can go read about it if they want to So He thought he was messing up something for me hahah Like what dude? Ya know He thought I was also a seller that tries to mess up other sellers/scammers Where does he even get this stuff from? I have never ever nor would I try to sell anything here I don't have anything to sell Well I guess its safe to assume he will chance his name yet again just like he just did So be on the lookout for this POS scammer. Oh and last tidbit then this book will be over LOL I just like to post the whole story so people can understand how these scammers work and how they will do and say anything to get your money we have to outsmart them which in most cases just means you have to have more than 3 brain cells But after I told him I knew who he really was and asked how he liked looking stupid waiting on money that was never coming He went crazy he sent me a nasty email and get this He straight up admits to being a scammer 100% he was so mad and he said that he enjoyed taking idiots money and He was actually proud of it If anyone has been scammed by him or almost scammed by him then trust me I have the proof right from him I guess he thinks being a junkie thief is something to be proud of It is just so pathetic I want to somehow post a pic of that email or something so people can see the stuff that he said He tried to play it cool and act like a tough guy but WE all know he was pissed Game over Scammer WE WIN!!  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #26)

scammer alert read now scammer on the loose

Yes people there is a pissed off scammer on the loose He is armed with bullsh*t and a lot of it and he is considered very butt hurt and pissed of that Me Charger girl busted him out Ryanfreemanrx [email protected] and John Mullen are the same person So be careful If you read any of my threads from earlier you would see this is the scammer that got scammed by me I had him go to walmart and wait for a moneygram that I never sent.He is the biggest loser scammer I have ran across so far. He is mad right now and threw a little hissy fit on me because I almost got him again LOL I had already figured out that the most recent thread by [email protected] was actually the guy I did the walmart thing to yesterday In the most recent thread he is claiming to have been scammed a few times but he finally found a legit connection and just email him at the redsox email and he would tell you who Well guess what The legit connection he claimed to have was him I sent an email because I thought it might be Ryanfreemanrx the name of the scammer I had looking stupid at walmart yesterday So I email redsoxs91john all alon knowing its the same idiot I found out in like one minute just by doing some research but He asked me what I was looking for so I named a bunch of crap and of course he can get all of it but then before I could have him go to walmart he looked up my posting threads on Topix and went crazy He just put 2 and 2 together and realized I am the one that wasted his day and had him waiting on money he was never gonna get just like his POS scamming ass has done to people Having desperate people send their money to him and wait and wait and wait for nothing I wanted him to see how it felt This is also the guy by the way that swore on his kids lives that he was not a scammer He said they could die horrible painful deaths if he was a scammer and He is and just posted another thread under the redsox91john name trying to scam some more He doesn't have one person to back him up but plenty to prove hes a scammer He told me I will never get a pill from him Boo hoo I don't even do pills anymore I just pretended to be interested to scam the scammer And this POS swearing on his childrens lives really makes me sick I feel very sorry for those kids and I want to say that even though their dad is a total junkie scamming loser I wish them nothing but happiness and god knows they will need it if they have to be raised by a junkie scamming loser Sorry for the long post but I just wanted everyone to know exactly what happened Beware guys you have been warned so if you still send your money to this idiot then I don't feel sorry for you at all and you deserve to be ripped off  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #1)

redsoxs91john ryanfreemanrx and john mullen are same pers...

Yep Scammer alert here He is the guy from my thread earlier that a bunch of us were laughing about because I reverse scammed his ass I had him go to walmart to pick up money from moneygram that I never sent I did this to show this scamming POS what it feels like to wait for something that will never come He is mad because I busted him out and his scam game which was already weak as hell is really dying now. Please You scamming POS Pretty please go read all the posts and threads about you. We even have one about you shitting your pants Literally  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #1)

chargergirl is a joke dont sell to her

Haha Yep Ryanfreemanrx or should I say [email protected] You are the same person and its hilarious. You are John Mullen from MA I posted a whole thread about what I did to you idiot I told everyone how I had you go to Walmart Twice to get money I never sent you because you are a scamming POS Haha You fell for it and almost fell for it again This idiot didn't realize I had already reverse scammed him once and almost let it happen again. Don't fall for this scammers crap DUDE we have been posting stuff about you all day and getting some good laughs Go read some of it. LOSER Somebody is mad Run home and tell Mommy.  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #2)


I posted the info on another thread for you Did you get it It was the other one on Funny story on how a scammer got scammed.  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #13)

Dermorphin for sale U.S

Oh Fent Fent Fent Too funny I was just reading this thread to see what the hell dermorphin was because I literally had no idea and Im scrolling down and there is a comment from you It was not expected and very random but funny  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #14)

How can you tell who is LE and who isn't

I think Wally is right If LE wanted you they would have gotten you then I mean if they were building a case against you what would they really have You know what I mean? Nothing at that point They have to have evidence They have to catch you with something on you I would think And from what I know of LE they want the sellers way more than the buyers. They are cracking down on anything to do with pills though I know in Virginia where I live its a big problem and they will just give you rehab if you are caught with pills or give you what is called the first offenders program Its like a probation thing for a year that you can only get if you are caught with pills It is a program to keep you out of jail though but you are not eligible if you are caught selling them If that is the case they max out your punishment around here So I mean from what I know and I am certainly not an expert they want the sellers more so than just a buyer If you are caught buying you can most likely get out of jail by saying you are a junkie and need help Around here they send you to rehab and make you go to NA meetings and things like that for awhile. Just no matter what you are doing be careful because you just never know.  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #9)

Funny story about a scammer getting scammed!!!!

Ha Ha that is so funny I wish I could see their faces when they get the messages it would just be priceless Oh quick question too do you know anything about wizzleman? I may have already asked you I asked somebody and they told me a little about him but I can't find the thread now and yes you did make me laugh Thank you  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #21)

Funny story about a scammer getting scammed!!!!

Haha Zom13 that is hilarious Thank you for the laugh today. I needed it I was drinking coffee and almost spit it everywhere because it was so funny and caught me off guard And I just got a picture in my head of him running around walmart clinching his ass cheeks together about to shit his pants but all the while still trying to text me and tell me I had the reference number wrong because at this point he still thinks I have sent the money and hes got his dealer waiting in the parking lot because he probably owes him at least $250 I the $300 I "sent" him LOL Oh man Good stuff dude. I hope he is reading this right now and is pissed as hell and I hope his dumbass is in severe WD's and has shit himself at least once today already. Im sure within minutes he will judge the post but he is too much of a sissy to say its him or to even post anything because he knows he is busted. I wonder what new name he is using. I wonder what new name I will use when I find him and scam the scammer again. LMAO  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #9)

Funny story about a scammer getting scammed!!!!

thanks golden toes It was really funny and how he freaked out was the best Try it sometime if you are really bored. Yesterday was my day off and I could have found better things to do Im sure but I had fun so that's all that matters. And the people that judged the thread saying its spam and Im clueless and whatever else you said Im guessing that is another scammer or ryanfreemanrx himself doing that. The only people that would have a problem with what I did are the scammers themselves. I think its hilarious that ryanfreemanrx is that mad and freaking out so much I am guessing he has changed his name by now because his game got all messed up so everyone be on the lookout for a new scammer Coming soon to a topix thread near you.  (Feb 7, 2013 | post #4)


Hey message me when you get a chance to see if we have the same info on this guy I did a little bit more research and found out some more stuff about him  (Feb 7, 2013 | post #8)