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Dec 7, 2006

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Antioch, CA

Save Mart buys Albertson's stores

SFTball.. watch them try and boss you around when they get there. They will form a clique. They will look for the big guys in your store, make them feel loved then turn on the rest of you. It's kind of funny. I saw the same thing happen when Alpha Beta folded. Luckily I left 2 months before it happened.  (Dec 17, 2006 | post #30)


'Morning-After Pill' Splits States

And they're still friends of yours I take it  (Dec 17, 2006 | post #4291)

You Veitnamese didn't win the War

I'm trying to find information about it on Wikipedia I'm not saying that all of you came over on boats. Some of you came over on planes. But there were thousands of boats off the shore of California during the late 1970s that dwarfed the refugees that fled Cuba in the early 1980s. Boat people is a term (usually) referring to impoverished illegal immigrants or asylum seekers, who arrive en masse in old or crudely-made boats. The term came into common use during the 1970s, with the mass departure of Vietnamese refugees from communist-controll ed Vietnam, following the Vietnam War.  (Dec 17, 2006 | post #122)

You Veitnamese didn't win the War

Dude, I am 41. This occured around 1977. I think I can tell the difference between the 1970s and the 1980s. I think I can tell the difference between reality and a silly remake of a classic film.  (Dec 17, 2006 | post #121)


'Morning-After Pill' Splits States

Think about this for a moment. You're basically telling me because I never experienced this kind of club, That I am automatically wrong. But the fact this club has a Bouncer is clear evidence that Men do try and grope the dancers. Knowing the dancers are protected they might turn their frustrations towards other women in the club. So don't tell me it's never happened in the history of strip clubs.  (Dec 17, 2006 | post #4285)

You Veitnamese didn't win the War

oh ok. So I never saw the tens of thousands of boats sitting off the San Francisco coastline. It must be thought compression and I'm confusing Scarface with reality. OK. Give me a break.  (Dec 17, 2006 | post #119)


Scabies Is Highly Contagious

endangering other peoples lives with a contagious infection. Though it may not be deadly like AIDS it's the same thing. You know you have something that can effect other people and their health.  (Dec 17, 2006 | post #788)

You Veitnamese didn't win the War

Oh Im sorry. so the US is souly responsible for taking you guys in because those countries didnt have a communist regime?  (Dec 17, 2006 | post #115)

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith in San Francisco Court

I understand the old man wanted her to have it because his own family were greedy. He wanted to have a good laugh after dying so he figured Why not marry a gold digging blonde and have some fun. I mean you know the old saying "You can't take it with you". And Anna said she really liked the old guy. I think she probably thought he was a fun old man though I'm sure her original thoughts was to be a gold digger. In some countries "Gold digging" is just natural. Women naturaly want security in life. What woman doesn't? So, He wanted her to have it and I think he was fairly sane so give her at least most of the money he promised.  (Dec 16, 2006 | post #3)


'Morning-After Pill' Splits States

It's just common sense. Sometimes it takes close to a minute for a bouncers attention to be drawn to trouble if he's doing something else. But you more or less agreed that it happens in your follow up statement  (Dec 16, 2006 | post #4283)


Scabies Is Highly Contagious

Man, This is some icky shtuff. This is not something I would share with other people. You people should just take care of this and keep it a secret and not pass it onto other people. I never knew what scabies were. I remember people in the old days gettinig it because of lack of fresh milk. How the hell do you catch a cousin to the lice by not drinking milk? Or am I thinking of scurvy?  (Dec 16, 2006 | post #786)


Rap videos: How do america see black women in music videos?

I love how you structured this question, Tommy. It almost seems like you're looking to call All Whites racist because we see blacks as thugs. You're generalizing whites while looking to make us out to be racist. Though I admit that my only real exposure to blacks is that on TV and rap music, I don't think all blacks are thugs. Uneducated and Im sure a few educated blacks are cashing in on the hip hop craze but if you feel that this is a negative portrayal of blacks, then we should rid television of hip hop and the vulgarity it represents and how it treats women like crud. but no one is willing to do that in the media world. So who's fault is it really. White people? We're not the one rapping. At least not the majority  (Dec 16, 2006 | post #62)

The Indianapolis Star

Police order: Get out of cars, into community

Officers should be given the choice to interact. It could be dangerous for them to confront people who may hate them and to be honest, Some people just want to do their work and don't want contact on a personal level. I'm not sure that's going to make for a healthier community. Doctors don't want to be personable with you, so why should police. If a police wants to show he's sincere about public relations and feels that will help him or her do a better job, then that should be his or her choice. I'm not discouraging this, I just think it sucks to force this on anyone.  (Dec 16, 2006 | post #50)


Scabies Is Highly Contagious

Got damn, how the hell did you people get this parasite on you?  (Dec 16, 2006 | post #780)


Scabies Is Highly Contagious

Please don't. I'm not trying to be mean and I know you need money but you have to treat this first. I didn't even know what it was until I googled it. Is it like lice? Really, please don't start a new job. Don't infect other people and think about the potential lawsuit against you if you do. Knowing you have a spreadable disease and purposely putting people at risk is against the law  (Dec 16, 2006 | post #779)

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