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May 27, 2013

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Trade and Economy Diplomacy in economy is usually thought of as something only related to policy-making and representation of the home- government’s trade interests, which leads to crucial qualifications of exceptional business skills, flexibility and sensible judgment on the side of the diplomats. But on a more in-depth look, it should primarily deal with reporting and monitoring of trade policies, economic resources and regulations of the destination countries so the sending-state would have a better picture of the economic atmosphere there. This page will contain discussions on common misconceptions and flaws of the present system in global economy and trading while setting it against the backdrop of its effect on everyone across the globe. Human Rights Basically, the cause of most of the conflicts, both in the international and local communities, is when certain parties ignore or abuse basic rights like housing, employment, inadequate food and deny participation in the decision-making system in place. Worse, when unrest grows, human rights violations become more pronounced as the two sides clash. Protecting human rights is a major concern of international organizations and community, especially in countries notorious for their twisted version of what ‘human rights’ are limited to. When a certain country or group of countries get involved in war crimes like genocide and aggression, the international community cries foul and attempts to patch things up by applying humanitarian law recognized by international players. Most notable here is the UN committees, but even as such organizations gather evidence of human rights violations and call for action to effectively enforce the law, abuses are still existent especially in certain areas where diplomatic efforts are getting stalled. The fundamental aspect for a diplomacy to work and for diplomacy to solve such problems involving human rights is to acknowledge the unique cultural dynamics of other parties and then try to work things out through finding a common ground. It is also essential that to raise awareness and call for preventive actions are a must in order to gain the attention of policymakers and foreign observers. (However, not everyone has reconciled their own perception of what human rights exactly are.) Politics Politics usually refers to how a government wants to run its own affairs and how it interacts with other states. And it is deeply related with diplomacy that one can say diplomacy is just a sub-category of international politics supposed to deal with peacekeeping; the two go hand-in-hand whenever it comes to international relations and just about any communication (most of them delicate) among other nations. However, the term ‘diplomats’ could be a misnomer as not all their activities could be said as originating from peaceful means. In fact, a diplomat’s job is to represent the political interests of his home country and could not care less if those will eventually lead to war or peace. Environment Conventions, conferences and summits attempting to address the various environmental concerns of the world, most notably the controversial ‘global warming’, are at the forefront of current events in this category. This has also become one of the fields where it seems like politics and trade interests are waging proxy wars. Source : http://www.thecrow plomacy-issues/ Related Site : https://plus.googl 498849384/posts  (May 27, 2013 | post #1)