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Oct 28, 2010

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Soaring Above India's Poverty, a 27-Story Home

why you want to find fault with Ambani. instead he worked hard, given jobs to thousands and earned himself. ambani is not like our politicians who siphons out billions to swiss banks. DO YOU GUESS from 1947 till today 700,000 crores of indian rupees have been deposited with swiss bank by our politicians and burocrats we have to shoot all these idiots to save india.  (Oct 30, 2010 | post #4)

Punjab best Indian state, Kerala a close second

me a keralite. me do not think kerala is best. those were the early days. now kerala became worst. we have a chief minister who do not know how to speak even malayalam. while speaking always muslling the body. his education is 3rd std. there are rampant corruption everywhere. no roads. kerala people are eating fake lottery tkts. no developments. there are so many jairajans whose wives are wearing sarries worth of Rs35000/- and even practising communisam. we are having one minister for health who appointed her daughter-in law as cook and after 3 months she have been promoted as agovt. secretary.our edn. minister a jocker who wants SFI students need not attnd classes for appearing exams.our home minister is a big goonda whose son involves each and every "nari peedanam" and every rubbish things. all these highlights the attitude of the general public. we are having super speciality hospitals run by schooldropouts[ MATHA HOSPITAL ,ETTUMANOOR].HOW we can accept that KERALA is 2nd to Punjab. but only after Jharkand  (Oct 29, 2010 | post #24)