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Oct 6, 2012

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Sea Bright, NJ

N.J. discussing smoking ban at beaches and parks

Amen darling'! I am visiting for part of the summer here and I have walked this beautiful beach here in Sea Bright and I am amazed! I tell folks back home that it's pristine compared to Galveston beaches but there is a trash problem. In just 7 days I have picked up enough trash to fill 5 or 6 plastic grocery bags, not to mention a couple of buckets, and one large half of a 30 gallon black barrel. I also found a nice sharp steak knife, sunglasses and a lighter. Cigarette butts and those caps from cigars are plentiful but that will not stop with a ban. They are also not the grossest things out there either. Frankly, I find the tampon plungers on the beach to be the most offensive trash out there. REALLY WOMEN? GO TO THE BATHROOM AND DO THAT THERE! NOT OUT ON THE BEACH!!!! WTH! There are trash cans and recycle cans aplenty but piggy people will always be that way and nothing will change them. I am a smoker. When I smoke and have no ashtray, I put it out and then put it in my pocket or purse until I can get to a trash can. Political Correctness has run amok in this Nation and We the People need to put it down. Personal responsibility is never brought up but that is the true problem. Far too many want someone else to do 'it', whatever 'it' is at the time.  (Jun 7, 2014 | post #92)