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Jan 28, 2008

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Baltimore Sun

Running game matchup to be Hurricane-strength?

Portis is only younger than Lewis, Reed, Pryce, Rolle, and Bart Scott. And those 10+ Pro Bowls between them spells a long day for the Ravens. You're an idiot, on a good day.  (Dec 4, 2008 | post #32)

Baltimore Sun

Sources: Orioles revisit trade talks for Pie

Completely agree. Markakis, Pie, and Jones? If each reachtheir potential we'll be wondering how the heck we lande this young trio in one outfield. As for SP and SS, of couse we need them, but that does not necessitate a sequential acquision of finding those players...for all we know Pie may never play an inning for us, and could end up being the key to landing the right SP and/or SS...have a little faith. Last years pick-ups were perfect...imagine the blog threads we'd be having right now for holding onto Bedard...chill out PT GM's.  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #19)

Baltimore Sun

a true blessing

Great story. Welcome to Baltimore Ben, we are very happy tohavr you.  (Nov 28, 2008 | post #4)

Baltimore Sun

Ravens place Landry on injured reserve

Washington, Reed, Rolle, and Leonard have been very good thus far...NYG will be a test, but every week is. We give the Giants a game this week...  (Nov 11, 2008 | post #6)

Baltimore Sun

Q&A with Willie Anderson

Great interview and a seemingly very likeable guy. Thx for the 110% Willie, you are one of the quiet reasons why we are doing so well thus far.  (Nov 11, 2008 | post #2)

Baltimore Sun

Ravens-Texans game log

A very good finish for the Raven's, and they are winning the games they should win. Pls tell Joe to get the air out from under his long balls...Figurs nearly got killed on his TD, and the next long ball was broken up by the safety, all the way from the middle of the field...not to mention the ball to Mason that injured his shoulder. Don't get me wrong, I love Flacco, but he needs to flex the arm strength on the long ball!!  (Nov 9, 2008 | post #51)

Baltimore Sun

A fast learner

I'm just curious where all of the "fire Ozzie" people have gone. Go back to pre-season and read all of the blogs and they were lighting him up with criticism before we took a regular season snap. Yeah, Joe's doing well, but look deeper into the draft this year (and Gaither from last year) and its all good work. Of course there are some that don't pan out, but not all of them do... A little optimism is fun, especially after so many predicted 4-5 wins.  (Nov 9, 2008 | post #9)

Baltimore Sun

Who carries on?

McGahee. End of story. Let Rice develop, push people around with McClain, and let Rice pick his spots as he progresses.  (Nov 4, 2008 | post #13)

Baltimore Sun

7 named to state panel on Medevac guidelines

It puzzles me that we would populate this group with a mostly academic-influence and no one from the MD Trauma System. This system is the best, because it is unique, and I doubt that this group of researchers will have anything of substance to contribute to this process. Physician leadership from our Trauma System and/or the Shock Trauma Center should be sitting on this committee.  (Oct 25, 2008 | post #2)

Baltimore Sun

Ravens-Titans game log

Walker is terrible, and the Colts will have a filed day without Rolle/Washington. Stover, we loved ya, but is you can't hit from 45 anymore, time to go...Flacco was adequate and we run the ball all day long...why do we keep finding ways to lose?  (Oct 5, 2008 | post #104)

Baltimore Sun

Terps fall apart against Virginia

Pls make it stop, Ralph must is sooooo overdue.  (Oct 4, 2008 | post #1)

Baltimore Sun

Passes not coming Heap's way in new offense

Who's Heap?  (Oct 3, 2008 | post #7)

Baltimore Sun

Passing offense will continue to grow

Let me start by saying that I really like Flacco, and think he could be the real deal, but let's face it, he has missed open long balls and put D-II air under several potential long gain passes. He cetainly seems smart enough to understand that he needs to make adjustments in order to be successful down field with us. Heap? Who's Heap? Good God, he has missed blocking assignments dropped passes, and fumbled...give me Wilcox until he decides he wants to be a pro football player again. Heap is capapble, but geez, show some heart man!!! Optimistic, that's for sure...and I suspect that we'll be saying "this week is the real test" every week for a while...go Ravens.  (Oct 2, 2008 | post #4)

Baltimore Sun

Landry makes progress, longs to return

Landry will be back (we miss him!!!), but we have to get use to the idea of not having Gregg for this season. It seems more and more concerning at every report on him.  (Oct 2, 2008 | post #2)

Baltimore Sun

Medevac helicopter carrying crash victims crashes in Mary...

Completely uncalled for. These people put their lives on the line everyday to care for others. The safety history of our MediVac system has been very good, and it supports a trauma system that the remainder of the world seeks to model.  (Sep 28, 2008 | post #7)

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