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May 16, 2011

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Personal Finance

where should I go for a score, history info...

ah forgot to include my score information. As of today. Equifax has me at 688, 693 with Experian and 724 with Transunion  (May 1, 2014 | post #2)

Personal Finance

where should I go for a score, history info...

Hi I am trying to get a small student loan. I have been looking at discover student loans since I am a customer with discover as I have a credit card with them, a good payment history and a $2500 limit, and they just increased my cash advance limit on my card & they seem to offer a decent student loan. I don't want to apply though & risk a hit to my score if I have no chance of being approved. I will not be using a cosinger but I am 27 years old and have a 9 (almost 10) year credit history. I currently have 5 credit cards, only 2 with balances. Citizens, BofA, CitiBank (Forward MasterCard) Discover, & Citibank (Sears MasterCard) The limits are 4500, 1000, 1100, 2500 & 4000 respectively. I also have open a Kohls charge account, a Lane Bryant, a Target a BestBuy, & a Dell Financial Servies Account. (none currently have balances, all have $4000 limits except the bby and the dell have 2000) I also have $8218 in federal direct subsidized & unsubsidized loans. I am a full time student. My 2 yr payment history shows one late payment by 30 days in may 2012 for the lane bryant card and one 30 day late payment in sept 2013 for the kohls account. 1 inquiry with experian in the last 2 years. Also shown I have 17 total account 13 open 4 closed, with a balance total 10 $10770. (8218 of that is my fedloans) My credit cards have limits totaling $23,400 $2,583 of which is being utilized. to save you the math my credit to debt ratio for credit card is 11% the part of my situation which is a bit unique is I am currently on SSI reviving $850/month. (I rent an apartment about 30 miles from my parents home for $500/mo) but due to my pretty good credit situation and the fact that I am enrolled full time as a student, that is where my uncertainty comes in. I graduate in with my BS in IT one year and plan on seeking a full time position. I already have my AS in IT (2008) I have been on ssi since 2004 (I had a few jobs between then & now but nothing on my resume since 07) and got my first credit card in 05 but my dad had to cosign. They have since released him from my credit profile as a cosigner, not sure when they did that, probably when I turned 24. With this information, could someone with a financial background tell me what the possibility is of me being approved for a private loan with discover. I am looking to get $3000. Would my odds be better apply through a credit union? I plan on utilizing my federal direct loans in the fall but I need some extra financial help through the summer. I have looked at a lot of the private student lenders & discover seems to have very good interest rates, even compared to places like sallie mae. I also figured my existing history with discover might help my situation. TIA for any advice/help. thanks, -C  (May 1, 2014 | post #1)


question about urine test kit-pharmacolgy

hello, I am not a pharmasist nor a medcial profession, just someone with an interest in medical science and a lot of spare time to read/post msgs. There is this adrenal function test kit that supposedly measures the stress on your adrenals by measuring how silver ions interact with chloride ions in your urine. Details here http://heavymetals t.php basically, it contains: 1 amber coloured bottle containing indicator solution 1 plain clear vial containing trial sample solution of 1% sodium chloride (NaCl) 1 plain clear vial containing orange activator solution 4 Pipettes / Droppers 2 test tubes the NaCl is just for practice I guess if you are not familiar with titration. So basically, collect 10 drops of urine in the test tube, then add one drop of the orange activator solution, then slowly add the indicator solution one drop @ a time until it turns from yellow to brown. The number of drops determines how stressed your adrenals are at the time of the test. When they send you this kit, they send wayyy to much of the "orange activator solution" in proportion to the amount of indicator solution they sell, b/c you only need one drop of it and they send you like 20, so I have all these extra tubes of this orange activator without any of the indicator. Since they do not say what either the indicator or activator solution are, I was wondering if someone with a chem/pharm background may be able to tell me what one or both of these chemicals are based on the description of this test. Because it does say the test it based on the reaction of silver ions with chloride ions, I am guessing maybe the indicator solution is a silver nitrate solution? Maybe 5% concentration since that is what the NaCl sample is that they provide? And I have no clue about the orange activator solution other than it is the substance that allows the indicator to make it change to brown. If I am able to identify these two chemicals, I can probably buy larger quantities of them online, and not be stuck with a bunch of one and none of the other. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!  (Aug 25, 2012 | post #1)

Candida & Candidosis

best topical antifungal for groin candida?

every now and then I get a nasty yeast rash in my groin...usually not the kind that itches...just hurts like mom gets them too...I have always treated them with what I had and they eventually go away.....but I have always wondered if there is a more appropriate antifungal for the different locations of yeast infections, like thrush, vaginal yeast and cutaneous yeast. and also, powder or cream, or ointment. My dermatologist said despite the fact that it contradicts the belief and creams will just add more moisture, sometime they are better than powder because they can really get in there and attack the fungus and powders will make sort of a "paste." Then again my mom has found a permanent sure for when she gets them and that is nystatin powder, over a think layer of cream or ointment. Right now I have prescribed for me nystatin ointment 100,000 USP with 1g of Triamcinolone acetonide which is a steroid for the itch, and then I also have econazole nitrate 1% cream (not ointment)and then I have the nystatin powder 100,000 USP. I was just wondering if there was a preferred one. Like terbinafine (Lamisil) is used for athletes foot a lot, + ketaconazole is used for the scalp and athletes foot and miconozole is used a lot for vagnial yeast. So I guess what I'm basically asking is what people have had work for them. Cream, ointment or powder (or combination)? Nystatin miconazole, or other type of antifungal? and this is specifically for a cutaneous yeast infection. I also have a couple 150mg diflucan oral tabs on hand but I don't like to use them unless really bad b/c I know they are bad for the liver and also the more ofen you use them, the less effective they become. thanks in advance, Carlie notes: I am obese but have been checked for diabetes and do not have it, just in case that comes up, I think the cause of mine a lot of the time is post antibiotic (I have to take clindamycin every time I go to the dentist b/c I have multiple foreign bodies in me), I also have had a lot of antibiotics recently b/c I had surgery in December where I got a whole IV bag of clinda, and I had infectious colitis in march for which I was put on a butt load of both cipro and flagyl IV and pills to take home. I do take twice daily probiotic has L. acidophilus and B. Lactis 1 billion live organisms.  (May 16, 2011 | post #1)

Back Pain

messed up feet causing low/mid back pain in 25yo female?

ok I am only 25, yes am overweight (working on that) and yes I have poor posture (working on that as well). I know god made us all a little asymmetrical, but when he was making my feet, he must've had his eyes closed., either that or something occurred during my development. I have feet that look like they came from two different people. there is a whole size difference bet. my L and R but that is not the issue here. The issue (I think) is my arches, one of them is as high as the grand canyon and the other is as flat as a washboard. I don't know how they got this way, but I only recently discovered it when Dr. oz did that wet feet test thing on his show and I decided to do it. I also way overpronate on the flat foot and severely oversupinate on the high arch, to a degree that I severely fractured my 5th metatarsal last year and it was deemed a true jones fx b/c it was up high on the metatarsal. two month in the fracture was widening, turns out a $4500 bone stimulator by Exogen was the only thing that saved me from surgery. My point is, is this as much a cause of my back pain as I believe it is? and if so what is the best type of orthotic (either OTC or prescription) to suit my problem. The problem with most OTC orthotics is they are made under the assumption that BOTH your feet have the same issue lol. I did find these ones made my ProFoot called the 2 ounce miracle where they mold to the shape of your feet in about 24 hours with pressure from normal walking. Problem is they are just not substantial enough. Also I want to bring up the issue of a slipped/herniated disc. Should I get checked for this before pursuing orthotics? Only becuase my brother is 28 and has had a slipped disc for a few years now which hasn't herniated but he also weight a little less than half of what I weight and is 5 inches taller, hence he is not overweight at all. I have never been checked for disc issues and if I am having constant pain maybe I should get checked? my mom began to develop osteoarthritis of the spine very young at about 23 or 24, & I will turn 25 in a month. also, does anyone have any good products to relieve or help everyday back pain. I currently do stretches heat, joint/muscle creams and ibuprofen, but there are products out there that I have seen in the media and I would love to know if they are legit or crap, like back2life, those acushakti accupressure mats and special shoes like sketchers shape-ups. Has anyone tried any of these? Also I am going to buy a homedics back massage cushion (I have a foot one of these and have tried them in the store and they are really nice) But I am confused about what kind to get. They have the shiatsu style ones, the sweedish style massage ones and then just the plain vibrate ones. I was wondering if any of these might be helpful or even harmful to my back, like sometimes when I would use the shiatsu ones in the store, they felt good for a few minutes, but then OUCH! the pressure was to much and it hurt (but kinda felt good at the same time if you know what I meal lol). If anyone can give me some suggestions on why I may have such different arches and what I could do to help the back pain (ironically my feet themselves don't hurt at all lol) and if any of the suggestions above or which ones make the most sense, I would really appreciate it. thanks in advance, Carlie  (May 16, 2011 | post #1)