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Jan 29, 2012

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Friends Aine's death

I have been searching for Aine Moore since September of 2011. My story is almost exact as Cheri's but to my knowledge she was a 4th grade teacher. Aine had spoken to me everyday for about 3-4 weeks. I would even say "it could have became something". she mentioned about her accident in our conversations. the last time i had spoken to her was september 11th in the morning, no mention of the hospital just that she was going to the lake with her god son. we texted all day while she was at the lake until she no longer responded to my messages. Then i recieved an email that night saying she was in the hospital with swelling in her brain and that she was scared. i never heard from her after that. someone sent me a text from her phone (according to what she told me it was her deaf friend scotty) the next day that she went into surgery, to my knowledge. I was also told that she was in recovery and her family was flying into ireland. they told me they would charge the phone and give the phone to her brothers and i can speak to them. that was the very last time i heard from anyone from her phone. after that i emailed i called i texted and no reply. then her phone was turned off. now it belongs to someone named steve, according to vmail. me and my multiple friends have googled and reverse phone numbered and maped and everything you can do through the computer to find her and nothing of her existence. i came across this because i googled her name again today jan 29th bc my friend was curious again. and we randomly found this forum which blew us away. i still cannot believe we all knew this same person but at different dates with the same story. has anyone found any new information. do you think it was a scam?? i never got asked for money or anything just kind of almost started a romantic "something or another" with her. lol ive even got a plane ticket to her town and was thinking of going myself bc of her address she gave me and pictures of her back yard on the lake. please let me know any details and i will be happy to do the same.  (Jan 29, 2012 | post #5)