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Jun 22, 2010

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WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Stats Show Fewer Ohio Traffic Tickets Given

....which can only mean that Municipal Revenues are waaaayyyy down for the year The report certainly is not suggesting that people are driving better or that speed limit laws which were written in the 1950's or before have not kept up with todays far superior vehical performance and saafety....noooooo . It only signals that Muni Revenues are down and so nit-picky inftactions will start to increase to boost falling revenue. GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #2)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

LeBron Still Targeted, Cleveland Company Takes a Shot

Hardly a slam on LeBron. Parody perhaps; certainly no slam. regarding LeBron....WHO CARES, It's OVER WITH. GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #20)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Unrestrained Infant Killed in Akron Car Accident

Why in this day and age is there an infant kiled in a car accident because they are not restrained properly? Who is the Parent transporting the Child? Is the Parent insured? Did the Parent cause the fatal accident? Was the Parent aware that it is a law to have Children properly restrained? Will the parent be charged with willful child endangerment? Does the parent have any other children who might be in jepordy of death due to not being restrained? Why no picture of the parent???? This is the crappiest quality of journalism I have seen from WJW FOX8 in their hurried attempt to be the first on the News Scene to get the stroy out without the necessary details. GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #23)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Warmer Winter? Farmers' Almanac Says It's True!

..[[The 2011 retail edition of the Farmers' Almanac has the usual mix of gardening tips, jokes, trivia, recipes and inspirational messages. This year, there's a focus on friendship.]].. Suggestion: How about this year, there's a focus on Accuracy? GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #9)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Baby Suffers after Fistfight Breaks out in Delivery Room

You took the words right out of my mouth! Exactly. This and many other incidents of incompetence, waste, fraud and abuse will plague anything and everything this Obama Administration touches, including the re-writing of History in the classrooms of our children. Healthcare is one aspect of the poisioning of America by the Obama Administration Control of who we think of ourselves as Americans and what we once held dear and proud of is now demonized and lampooned by the Obama Administration. Sick and tragic story in Sicily. This is the dysfunction of European Healthcare System...coming to us soon in the United States thanks to a Socialist Democrat Administration and a Congress completely out of control. GET VOTING IN November. All you "Hope & Changers" out sick miserable twisted ill-informed're all destroying what we as True Americans believe in but come November, the tides of Socialism will recede and you will all be driven back to your Sicky-Sixties Communes and Liberal Universities. GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #4)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Two Bodies Discovered within Minutes, Half-Mile Apart

Bob, you're getting (and spreading ) my message !!! Good Man. funny thing: I had waited for ages for WJW FOX8 to post this artical and so I resorted to the worst news outlet Cleveland had to offer and posted there but here we go: [WOW....Now THAT takes courage!!!! Excellent, but dangerous job; well done. The suspect, Terrance Manning, shot dead as a door nail. Now that's Follow-Through! The Victim should get a Mayorial Commodation for removing one more human vermin from the streets. The above report stated that there are two other robbers at large....let's hope they get whacked in the process. As for the surviving family members of the deceasedtheiving human vermin....GET OUT OF CLEVELAND and go to Akron where you are all welcomed. The only other thing that could be better than this is for the funeral to be disrupted by a police raid on the attendees for outstanding warrants. I hope the police run every single license plate in the funeral procession to drag-net the criminal element that will no doubt, attend the Wake and Funeral. Let's get tough on Crime, people. Crack down on Human Vermin in the Cleveland Area and Support our Cleveland Police. Employ tough tactics for routing out criminals such as the idea I have proposed above for discovering individuals with outstanding warrants. GET WISE & GET ARMED] Yes...woke up this morning extra cranky. How do ya like dem Apples?? GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 27, 2010 | post #50)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Ford recalls 575,000 older Windstar vans over potential c...

Buy American. GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 27, 2010 | post #1)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

To Spank or Not to Spank? Study Prompts Debate

Spank. But only as a last resort. The problem is, parents reaction or over-reaction is the result of boiled-over anger and not as a metered consequence to the child's bad behavior. The other facet to this issue is that parents don't know when to quit: A quick 1-2-3-whack on the rear end and that should be the end of it. And NO BELTS or STICKS...Be a Man and Use Your Hand. you can then monitor the strike force administered; a belt delivers too much un metered strike force--and it's unnecessary. Use Common Sense and explain to the Child WHY they are going to be spanked BEFORE you do so. The Child must understand that their bad behavior has led to a spanking. Only as last resort. GET WISE & GET ARMED...with better parenting skills in general  (Aug 27, 2010 | post #35)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Video: How Men Trapped in Chilean Mine Survive

What a horrible and scary ordeal. Notice that the miners said that they are praying? I hope that we do the same for these poor men trapped miles below the Earth's surface. Sad situation. GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 27, 2010 | post #2)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

MUST SEE: Running of the Brides!

Why is this considered "News?" This stampeed of women scrambling for bridal dresses happens every year...sometimes twice a year WHO CARES???? GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 27, 2010 | post #1)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

2 Arrested For Shoplifting During "Shop With a Cop" Day

The uniformed officers are not the ones watching for shoplifters; the security cameras and off-shore security monitoring services are there to watch as always. Did these morons think that the uniformed cops were always there to monitor shoplifting??? Really??? This just underscores my point to "get wise & get armed" in that cameras are an intregral part of business and home security. They verify the 'target.' Firearms are there to even up the odds against criminals once they are foolish enough to make contact with their victim. Fully automatic and belt fed weapontry, and large magazine capacity is needed if your a lousy shot or if you need illumination in a low light environment. (the last sentence/part of the commentary is a joke people; easy does it). GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 26, 2010 | post #13)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Infant Flushed with Alcohol Instead of Saline Dies

Elk & Elk...Serious Lawyers for Serious Injuries.  (Aug 26, 2010 | post #16)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Ferrari Curse: Ferrari Curse Questioned After String of A...

Stick with the 550 GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 25, 2010 | post #2)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

NAPPING ON THE JOB: City Water Department Workers Caught ...

You Certainly DON'T need to go to Kansas City to see City Workers sleeping, goofing off, drinking coffee at local gas stations and more...just follow your local Cleveland City Garbage Trucks and see how long their coffee breaks are. Hey, Worthless Carl Monday...when you're not tailing the City of Cleveland Police who are working and doing what they are suppose to be doing, try gum-shoe'ing after some of our Union-protected City Workers and then question their supervisors....who are out GOOFING AROUND TOO. Dumb Arsed report this is. Come on WJW FOX8 News, Improve your reporting GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 25, 2010 | post #2)

WJW Fox 8 Cleveland

Dozens of Akron Police Officers to Lose Their Jobs

Here's a question: WHO VOTED FOR HIM during the Coup De Tat you staged in Akron a year or so ago? What happened? No Ball's is what happened....the Hope & Changers out-shouted you sensible people. Now what do you have? Run-Away minority criminals and a out of control drug trafficing activity. Here's a clue: Investigate the Politicians and their involvement in the illegal drug profiteering. Do you hear me Akron, HINT, HINT: Look into your political leaders and County officials including one or two high profile judges....profitee ring through Regional Drug Trade. GET WISE & GET ARMED  (Aug 25, 2010 | post #44)